Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Port)


  • 2016-09-05: Updated this tutorial while actually performing the actions myself for more accuracy.

Attention: If you do not have an unlocked Bootloader/root and you’re up to date with updates, you’ll want to proceed to this Tutorial first.

This returns your Shield Portable to “stock” – like you just took it out of the box.  There are numerous reasons you may wish to do this; mostly if you can’t perform an OTA upgrade after rooting – you may need to return to stock before you can accept the upgrade.

If you want the LATEST (and possibly last) Stock Recovery – download Update 110 (Lollipop).

If you want the last version of Stock Recovery (that included Sonic 4, Expendable, Miracast, etc) – download Update 101 (Kitkat).


Restoration Procedure

  1. Extract the NVidia Stock Shield Portable Image to your hard drive.
  2. Within that archive is a folder called IMAGE.  Copy the contents into your Minimal ADB and Flashboot folder.  It shouldn’t overwrite anything; if it does, consider renaming what it was going to overwrite – just to be safe.
  3. Reboot the Shield into the bootloader/fastboot by typing “adb reboot bootloader” from Minimal ADB and Flashboot command line.
  4. Verify the Shield Portable is in Fastboot by typing “fastboot devices” and hitting enter.  If you see the Shield Portable show up, continue.  Note: The first time you enter this mode, drivers may install on your PC.  They have to be installed before fastboot will see the Shield.
  5. Type “flash-all.bat” hit enter.  Note: This erases EVERYTHING – returning the Shield Portable to stock – like it just came out of the box.Note: If this fails, it is probably your USB cable or USB port on your PC.  Try a different cable.  Do not daisy chain cables.  Do not use super long cables.  Use cables that came with electronics like cell phones or tables; not those included with external power batteries/chargers.
  6. Wait and watch.  THIS CAN TAKE A LONG TIME.
  7. Once complete, reboot the Shield Portable.  Use the HOME/BACK to highlight REBOOT and SHIELD button to select.
  8. After You should now be back up and running with a stock Shield Portable.  Obviously you will need to re-enable developer mode, turn back on debugging, re-root, etc.

3 Responses to Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Port)

  1. Am gonna try now. I’ve been looking since a long to downgrade my shield. Coz am on 106 update and it has a lot of issues. Since am rooted, official OTA 110 doesn’t run.

  2. Hugo Meza says:

    hola. tenia una rom (resureccion remix) con android 6 MM. quise vovler a la stock. pero solo se quedo como un pisa papeles, ya que no puedo instalarle la oficial ni la rom RR.
    mi computadora no lo detecta por que no tiene sistema operativo, ni recovery. entonces no se que hacer. puede alguien ayudarme. dejo mi whatsapp. 4776705930. soy de México.

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