Tutorial: Manual Updates Without Losing Data (Port)


If you root your Shield Portable, chances are likely you will not be able to use OTA (Over The Air) updates.  Symptoms of this is an open-chest Android robot with the word ERROR under it after an update reboot.

This is an experimental process – but I’ve had good luck overall.  The worst possible outcome of this is that you’ll have issues after the update (system things force closing, etc) and you’ll need to do a full image recovery that will wipe the system.

I’ve found that this process requires a couple of reboots of the Shield Portable before everything “settles”.  Once I rebooted a couple of times – everything appears to be running normal.

Manual Update (tested 1.x->1.06)


Update Procedure without Data Loss

  1. Extract the NVidia Stock Shield Portable Image into your Minimal ADB and Flashboot folder.  It shouldn’t overwrite anything; if it does, consider renaming what it was going to overwrite – just to be safe.
  2. Verify the Shield Portable is in Fastboot by typing “fastboot devices” and hitting enter.  If you see the Shield Portable show up, continue.
  3. Edit the “flash-all.bat” file in your Minimal ADB and Flashboot folder.  Edit with a PURE TEXT editor (Notepad, etc.)
  4. Find the line: fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
  5. Add two colons in front of this line so it reads:
    :: fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
  6. Save the file, exit your text editor.
  7. Back in your DOS window, type “flash-all.bat” hit enter.  Note: This updates everything important and leaves the user area alone.
  8. Wait and watch.  THIS CAN TAKE AWHILE.
  9. Once complete, reboot the Shield Portable.  To select items from the Fastboot menu, use the HOME/BACK and SHIELD buttons.
  10. You should now be back up and running.
    1. You may see something fail on reboot.
    2. Reboot the Shield Portable at least once.  You are looking for ANDROID UPGRADING box with OPTIMIZING APPS working all the way through.
    3. Open Google Play Store and check for updates.
    4. Reboot again.
    5. If you continue to have problems, backup whatever you need.  Repeat this process, only do not alter the userdata line in step 5 above.  The system will be fully restored to stock.

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