Tutorial: Root Shield Tablet (Kit Kat)

You can root “on device” or using a PC with ADB and drivers, etc.  We’ll be discussing the “on device” method which does not require a PC or anything other than the device itself and some special software. Note: I did not develop any of these tools nor am I responsible for any of the methodologies.  I’m simply consolidating the information here and will include links to the original information when possible.  Some of the process I wrote on my own.

Root On-Device

The Shield Tablet comes with Kit Kat pre-installed.

  1. On your Shield, download TowelRoot (1413 downloads)  (original site).
  2. Install TowelRoot on your Shield.  Note: You must disable VERIFY APPS and enable UNKNOWN SOURCES in order to install this.
  3. Run TowelRoot.  If all goes well, you’ll see a MAKE IT RAIN button.  Tap it.
  4. TowelRoot should report back that your device is rooted.
  5. You’re done! Install your favorite root apps like AdAway or Titanium Backup.

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  1. redemption77 says:

    What are the benefits of my rooting my shield? will it matter with Lollipop just around the corner?

  2. redemption77 says:

    cool, think i want lollipop more though.lol

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