Tutorial: Root Shield Tablet K1 (Nougat)

Note: Tested and working on the new 5.3 update.

This root procedure works on all known Nougat versions on the Shield Tablet K1 (not the original Shield Tablet).  If something goes wrong, do not attempt to roll back to Marshmallow.  Wait for the official NVidia Stock Recovery 5.0.  We’ll have the recovery guide added soon.

While this tutorial should technically work for Marshmallow users too, I would direct you to the tested and working Tutorial: Root Shield Tablet K1 (Marshmallow)

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  1. this guide doesn’t work on my nvidia shield tablet k1

  2. Toni Gz says:

    I have a Question…. I did root when i was in marshmallow… I have to do again the bootloader procedure?

  3. Can I install the Nougat OTA even if I already unlocked my boot loader and the stock marshmallow rom is rooted?

  4. David Neger says:

    thanks for this tutorial. Is there a way to root the original shield tablet (nougat)

  5. While I am able to achieve root with this method, I cannot access TWRP from recovery afterward for some reason. When I rooted on marshmallow, I was able to go into TWRP regularly to install apps that require it. Now that I’m on nougat, I can only access TWRP if I type using fastboot boot TWRP.img. I cannot get to it using the power+vol down then selecting recovery method.

    Please advise.

    • administrator says:

      I’m not sure this is even possible under Nougat. I never flash TWRP permanently – I only boot to it. XDA may have more answers.

      • I’ve done it with the TWRP app from playstore, like I did with android 6.0.

        I choosed twrp for nvidia tablet. (not k1 wich does not exist in the list)
        At the end of the flash it reports an error but after reboot in recovery mode it works fine.

        I used it to flash supersu because I’ve had to many trouble with the sideload driver.

      • It’s possible to flash TWRP permanently with Nougat. Instead of using “fastboot boot twrprecovery.img”, use instead “fastboot flash recovery twrprecovery.img”.

        The disadvantage is that you can no longer receive OTA updates. It will still remind you about the updates, but you cannot install them.

  6. Looking for Nougat ROM for original Shield tablet LTE (recall model)
    I have Marshmallow on it (rooted)

  7. Hi. Just wanted to say your site’s awesome. A lot of useful guides and resources. Thanks.

    Quick question, I’ve been all over the site looking for the factory image of the K1 with nougat.. The nvidia developer site itself doesn’t have it yet even though the ota’s been out for a while. is that normal?

  8. praveen verma says:

    I had my K1 rooted before I upgraded to nougat. After update I lost root access. Now can I just install latest superSU to gain root access again? I dont want to install custom rom.

  9. Trevor Crane says:

    In step 11 of the root process, it says to run the SuperSU app on the tablet. I am not seeing it on my tablet, do I have to manually install it? Am I okay if I don’t run it?

  10. alfi xaxaviq says:

    Hi there i going to step fastboot boot twrprecovery.img” and tell me is no file in this directory i copyand rename the img file

    • administrator says:

      Your file is probably named wrong. I’ve seen this happen several times. Turn OFF “hide filename extensions” in Windows explorer (or better yet, get a better file manager like Directory Opus or Total Commander). I bet you see the image as: twrprecovery.img.img

      Rename it, or use fastboot boot twrprecovery.img.img ….

      • I have successfully rooted after the nougat update but would like to downgrade back to marshmallow due to problems with a couple of apps (mainly dji go 4) closing/stopping under nougat. Can this be done by flashing the 1.5 factory image with ADB without bricking the device as warned in the tutorial?

  11. molove1 says:

    I have TWRP 3.0.2-2 installed. Would I need to reflash the stock recovery in order to update with the Nougat OTA?

  12. SMX87 says:

    Tried installing Xposed from a booted TWRP and now my K1 device won’t boot, any suggestions?

  13. It keeps saying Sideload Failed why is that on my shield tablet K1???

  14. Sagman76 says:

    Will the original Shield Tablet get a guide soon? Is it even possible?

  15. Followed guide, rooted tablet fine, but there was a system update that broke root. Now when I attempt to re-root it, and get the the sideload stage, it cannot detect the device (error: device ‘(null)’ not found)

    I have no yellow ! in device manager (and the ADB device shows) and the only change was the ‘update’

    How do I get past this step?

    • Reply to my previous comment, due to being unable to edit it, found a fix that was ‘sort’ of what u described above, but I had to go into the drivers (after making sure none were hidden) and scroll down to the ‘other devices’ section (had multiple ADB devices listed up at top with android device, even though those WERE my tablet, and i could see which was ‘active’ each time, the one showing as ‘active’ when in TWRP, was not the one it was looking for.

      I had to find the item in ‘other’ devices(which again, wasn’t showing with a !) and from there followed your instructions on how to update the driver(Ignoring the fact the pc thought it was ‘fine’) -via ‘let me choose’, ‘android devices’ then nvidia, etc.

  16. Gene Losito says:

    My device is not listed in device manager or when typing “adb devices” in Minimal ADB and Fastboot. I’ve tried 2 USB cords and 2 different USB ports (front of PC and back of PC). Any other suggestions?

    • administrator says:

      You may have USB driver issues. Once you plug in the device, go look at USB devices or Android devices. If you see a driver that looks like it might belong to the tablet, select it and do a manual selection of a new driver. Use a different ADB/Google/NVidia driver. I’ve seen this happen before. Touch base with me on email – maybe I can remote your machine and help out.

  17. I have a K1 rooted with marshmallow, I used the guide from here when it was released. At the time, it was said to ignore any OTA updates – it would remove root access; however I read above you say this has changed? Can you elaborate, i.e. can I go ahead with the OTA update and will it update me to Nougat? Or should I simply follow the instructions above?

    • administrator says:

      So it would seem. It used to be that OTA wouldn’t install if root was there. if you flashed it manually through TWRP, it would remove root. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore with Nougat.

  18. Just bought my Shield a week ago from Best Buy (April 2nd, 2017), all the guide went fine but when I type “adb reboot bootloader” the shield reboots and all I get is a blank screen. Do I have to wait in this blank screen for a long time or is something not working right? Here is the windows output….

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
    (c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    04239160054400000409 unauthorized

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    04239160054400000409 device

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>adb reboot bootloader

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>adb devices
    List of devices attached

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>

  19. Keemie Reese says:

    My apologies if I somehow missed the answer that I’m looking for, but I had rooted my K1 with marshmallow using the steps from the marshmallow page, my question now is. What are the steps to update to Nougat coming from a rooted marshmallow? Reading through the posts it appears that once it rooted, i don’t have to re-root it, but I can’t find out how to update to nougat without going thru all the steps again.

    • administrator says:

      You’ll need to roll back to a stock recovery so you are unrooted. Perform the OTA. Re-root. Doing major OTAs require this. Once you’re on Nougat? All you have to do is quick flash stock recovery over top, then re-root.

  20. Figured it out…..There is no screen output, When booting into boot loader, {adb reboot bootloader} ({fastboot devices} shows serial # and Fastboot), and after typing {fastboot oem unlock} you just have to blindly press and hold power button for @ 4 seconds and it will proceed to wipe your device (2 hours) and unlock boot loader. After I accomplished this, I later discovered that copying files to /sdcard/Android/obb shares everything with restricted profile, this step is completely uneccessary.

    Maybe this can help someone…..

  21. garko says:

    I want to root my Shield so I can remove bloatware, but a couple of apps I use won’t run on a rooted device, NBC Sports Live, for instance. Are there work-arounds or a way to unroot without flashing a stock ROM (which will reinstall all the bloatware I want to get rid of)? I’ve tried various apps like RootCloak and they work once or twice, but then stop working once the device reboots or the NBC Sports Live updates.

    • administrator says:

      The latest Stock Recovery files no longer wipe the User Data partition – so when you flash them, you lose root – but not your stuff.

      Before you run the flash-all.bat, open it in Notepad and verify there is no reference to USERDATA. If there isn’t, you are safe.

  22. I have a K1 rooted with marshmallow too. I can not update ota 7.0… It is possible to do unroot and then update 7.0 OTA?

    How can you make an unroot?
    Thanks from spain !!

  23. Hassan Ahad says:

    Does this root procedure work on Original Shield Tablet LTE with Nougat.

    • administrator says:

      You can’t use this tutorial completely because the TWRP isn’t necessarily correct for your Shield. If you get the proper TWRP version, this tutorial is pretty close.

  24. Hello.
    Can i flash files by using Odin or any PC Application or i must use sideload adb…

    • administrator says:

      I don’t know of any way to use a PC app to flash. You do not have to use ADB SIDELOAD. If you can see the supersu file on your storage, you can use TWRP to flash it. Many people have adopted storage – so even if they have the files visible in Android, they aren’t visible in TWRP – hence why I use ADB SIDELOAD.

  25. I got to the step 3 of the root procedure and typed in “fastboot oem unlock” , hit enter and the prompt says . Nothing happened on my tablets screen. At step 2 in device manager, there was no device that mentions FASTBOOT at all. In device manager there is “Android Bootloader Interface” with a yellow (!), not sure if the yellow(!) is supposed to be there. I also went back and discovered that I made a typo in the extension twrprecovery.img and fixed it.
    So as of right now I have Minimal ADB and Fastboot open with my shield connected to win7 PC with the bootloader screen and no idea what to do next.
    Any ideas?

  26. Easy to use tutorial! My tablet is now rooted on the latest release of Nougat for the Nvidia Shield K1.

    ~ Monday, May 15th, 2017

  27. may 30, 2017, randomly lost root access on tablet, No clue how, or when(Just became clear i had lost access when everything was flooded with ads)

    Adaway cannot be enabled, supersu has no root access, etc. Tried instructions as above, went though without hitch, yet after reboot, no root.

    Also have no RW access on anything except non system files.

    I did NOT have OTA updates enabled(Actually had the process frozen) and hadn’t done any upgrade manually, so I am wondering what happened. I feel, with lack of understanding into what happened to revoke all root access(and prevent it being granted again) and with the device ‘reporting’ successful rooting and what not, yet nothing changing on the tablet itself, that my best bet may be a factory reset and start over from scratch.

    Tinfoil hat goes on and I’m thinking android is doing a serious push to prevent ANY form of adblocking since thats a major source of their money.

    • Edit/update, after factory reset, clearing everything, repeating all steps(Again, all done without issues, seems fine as before, no errors, etc) no root. Cannot even ‘find’ SuperSU-pro on tablet(Although the free version appears) and the free version reports ‘no root’

      At a loss, I feel as if they changed the root ‘drive’ to something hidden where system sits ontop of that now.

      (Ontop of everything even fully factory reset and clean tablet, it lags like a mofo now, and it never did before)

      • Another update, this is a big one and i think everyone should pay extra attention:

        I flashed stock rom (IE completely wipe tablet, revert back to 5.1, basically remove everything on tablet and relock it) and upon bootup its as if nothing changed. IE: its still android 7, still has all my accounts, nothings been altered.

        I think the days of rooting to have control over bloat and ads is gone.

  28. jsteach says:

    Stuck on adb supersu.zip sideload, Twrp errors.

  29. Adrian . says:

    I did the root but my apps don’t work. They freeze up or crash. What to do?

  30. Phillip Y says:

    Hello, I’m stuck on the part in the Root Procedure, step 8.2. When I type in “fastboot boot twrprecovery.img” it says “Permission denied”. Any clue on why this happens?

    Also, I tried typing in “fastboot boottwrprecovery.img” (no space inbetween boot and twrprecovery.img) and it loads a bunch of commands and nothing happens.
    Tablet remains the same “continue, fastboot proto, etc”

  31. Hi ! SuperSU says that i have limited root access !How do i fix this ?

  32. Most are saying SuperSU is dangerous cause Chainfire sold it to a chinese company try Magisk.

    • administrator says:

      The version that we have on our site is PRE-sales and it still works. When this version stops working, we’ll have to look at alternatives.

      Right now – the SuperSU on THIS site? Safe. Non-chinese 🙂

  33. A Lemon says:

    I seem to have a problem with the on device work. I sucessfully booted to the twrp image and it was pushed to the sheild K1 and the tablet did boot to it, but the tablet appears to be stuck in a boot loop. It show the team win logo and the Recovery project version 3.0.2-2 as some sort of boot screen equivalent to a windows boot logo before it boots to desktop or something, but it just shows this screen from about a 4 seconds, turns off for a split second, then comes right back to the same screen. Do you happen to know how to fix this boot loop problem for the twrp recovery image? Thank you

  34. Mark Papenfus says:

    When I get to the last step to install the SuperSU zip file it opens up the zip folder on my pc instead of installing it. What should I do?

  35. walhalla2K says:

    Hi and thank you…
    for those in the future who would like to root their original nvidia shield tablet (non K1), this process works for it without any problems. It was a 30 mins journey from non rooted to rooted shield tablet 🙂 Once again, thank you

  36. Will factory resetting the K1 remove root access? If so, should I re-root it a different way or is it the exact same method? I’m on update 5.3 if it’s needed.

  37. Hello first of all thanks a lot for this guide. it seems that i need to root the device prior to install ppp widget on it to be able to use 4G key in stick mode. Before trying to root it, i would prefer to get the roll back procedure. This page is saying “Restore to Stock Image K1 (coming soon)”, do you know when ?
    For info, my tablet is a K1 with Android 7 and Shield version 5.3.
    Thanks in advance

  38. Jan Kostalek says:

    Factory Reset DOES remove the root. found it yesterday 🙂 But now my NON K1 Tablet is telling me, that I should download a new nvidia software – 5.4. If I understand well, this will remove the root again… but the more important question, will this process and those files here work with the 5.4 update?
    Thank you for any info…

  39. Does this work on Android 7.0? I couldn’t get the bootloader to unlock.

  40. dark1766 says:

    Does anyone else have the problem where after rooting, my audio starts to make a really annoying beep sound when it is charging and any audio is playing like when im playing a game or listening to music.

  41. Ricardo Garcia says:

    I am stuck after rebooting device to bootloader that is locked, i try doing adb devices and no devices show up. they show up only when device is booted on regular UI screen. I am running this from windows 10, the fastboot in device manager is missing the driver.

  42. Andres Juarez says:

    Hello! This is a great tutorial. It worked for me and I am fairly newbie to rooting. Although I got stuck in a couple of steps, so I think the guide could be improved. First it should be noted that you need to put your tablet in USB transfer mode (not leave it in USB charging mode), this very little detail was not letting my tablet show in Minimal ADB & Fastboot after typing the “adb devices” command (ROOT PROCEDURE step 1, substep 2). The other point where I got really confused was in ROOT PROCEDURE step 9, substep 5, in the Note inside the blue line rectangle, I never was able to find NVIDIA in the list so all this part needs to be detailed.

    I had the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet with Android Nougat 7.0 and the update 5.4 [Shield Tablet Software Version 5.4 (24.29.404.195)] and this root tutorial worked fine.

    Now the big question: How do I downgrade to update 5.2 or to Android Marshmallow 6.0??? Because I still have the infamous problem of the battery draining pretty quick and not charging very well.

    Thank you!

  43. Hey does this work for version 7.0?

  44. Hello all, I’m late to the game but already have rooted both my Nvidia Shield K1’s successfully. I am trying to install CM13 but I’m having major issues and thought I would reach out to you all here. I understand if this thread is abandoned, but I’m hopeful!

  45. Gg3816 says:

    Hello i have a problem with 9.4 step. I got an error message about devices not being found; I try to update Android in device manager but I can’t find Nvidia from that let me select list. Please help.

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