Tutorial: Restore to Stock V1.4 (K1)

This returns your Shield Tablet K1 to V1.4 from V1.5+.  There are numerous reasons you may wish to do this; mostly if you can’t perform an OTA upgrade after rooting – you may need to return to a more stock system before you can accept the upgrade.

[eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Step 1: Pre-Requisites and Warnings”]

Note: Not all USB cables are created equally!  Those included with cheap portable batteries, etc. may NOT be reliable enough to handle data transfer.  Using the one included with your smartphone is usually safe as it is rated for charging AND for data transfer.  Not all USB ports are the same.  Some on the back of the PC may work better than those on the front.  If you use a USB 3.0 port (you can tell if it is blue inside) and you have issues, try a USB 2.0 port.
Note:  Previous Stock Images also overwrote the USER partition, deleting your data and potentially invalidating Adopted Storage.  The 1.4 stock image does NOT overwrite the USER partition – so your data should theoretically be completely safe.  However, it is always prudent to have a backup.[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion]

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  1. Extract the NVidia Stock Shield Tablet K1 Image into your Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder.  It shouldn’t overwrite anything; if it does, consider renaming what it was going to overwrite – just to be safe.
    Note: Make sure all the files in the ZIP file are extracted to the SAME folder as adb.exe
  2. Run Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  3. Verify the Shield Tablet K1 is at the bootloader by typing “fastboot devices” in the Minimal ADB and Fastboot and hitting enter.  If you see the Shield Tablet K1 show up, continue. If you are in the Android operating system, typing “adb reboot bootloader” will get you there; then try again.
  4. Type “flash-all.bat” and hit enter.
  5. Wait and watch the Minimal ADB and Fastboot window.  This can take up to five minutes.
  6. Once complete, press any key to exit.
  7. Reboot the Shield Tablet K1 by tapping the power button (which selects CONTINUE on the bootloader screen).  You will see a message Cold Booting Linux, then the NVivida logo boot screen.  This first boot will take up to ten minutes or more to complete.  This is dependent on the number of apps that Android has to “upgrade” during the first boot.  You will see an Android is Upgrading screen after about 45 seconds – which gives you an idea how much longer it is.
  8. You should now be back up and running with a Shield Tablet K1 v1.4.  You may perform a system update to get your OTA, then you’ll need to re-root (if desired).


[eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Changelog”]This restore process was derived from official NVidia sources.

  • 2016-12-09: Overhauled and revamped (and retested) tutorial using K1 with v1.5.
  • 2016-11-07: Updated recovery image.
  • 2016-04-13: Updated with 1.1.1 recovery image.
  • 2016-02-18: Updated with new Downloader tool
  • 2016-01-24: Initial Tutorial.


18 Responses to Tutorial: Restore to Stock V1.4 (K1)

  1. administrator says:

    Test Comment

  2. Nv-recovery-sb-na-wf-1.4.0.zip, 308,6 MB.

    “Unexpected end of archive” – winrar.

  3. I found it here(689MB):

  4. 11/6/2016 I downloaded the NVidia Stock Shield Tablet K1 image nv-recovery-sb-na-wf-1.4.0.zip but it would not open or unzip. I use 7zip and tried the download with both Chrome and Firefox. Can someone upload a working copy?

    • administrator says:

      Weird … Image should be good. Let me check it out and get back to you.

      • I was able to download and unzip the new version of nv-recovery-sb-na-wf-1.4.0.zip. Thank you.

        It looks like there is a missing step between 1 and 2: adb reboot bootloader

        If I don’t do that step the “fastboot devices” will not show the tablet and flash-all.bat will report

        When I run flash-all.bat it will send a bunch of files to the tablet and when done I see the message “Press any key to exit…”. Next I select continue on the tablet, it will reboot successfully but the system will not be wiped. Everything is still as it was before I started the process.

        On a side note, rooting the tablet works great. The instructions are easy to follow and it only takes a few minutes. I love that the Shield K1 openly gives us that ability without the need to find some risky third party hacks. Keep up the good work.

  5. administrator says:

    File replaced … try now.

  6. Updated file does not work.

    When I run flash-all.bat it will send a bunch of files to the tablet and when done I see the message “Press any key to exit…”. When I select continue on the tablet it will reboot successfully but the system will not be wiped. Everything is still as it was before I started the process.

  7. While my K1 is booted into android i can do adb devices and it will show, but when i boot into bootloader and do adb devices nothing shows up. any thoughts?

  8. My K1 is currently rooted with TWRP recovery. Is it possible to restore to stock image for the OTA updates, but maintain root. I basically want to still use a few root apps, but do not need a custom recovery or Xposed framework for those apps. I also want to be able to update to Nougat when it becomes available. Thanks and sorry if I am misunderstanding something. Still new to rooting and unlocking the bootloader.

    • administrator says:

      You do not have to REPLACE recovery with TWRP. My tutorials use a “boot to TWRP” mentality so that your recovery stays intact.

      Nougat is going to take something special. If root is critical to you, I wouldn’t take the update until a root process is established.

      I hope I understood your question.

  9. nikky8888 says:

    Hello, I just downgraded my K1 from Nougat to 1.5 today. After everything has been completed, when i get into step 7, after the message cold booting linux. the tablet just stucked on the Nvidia Logo screen and keep repeating the optimising app progress. Its been half and hour, everytime when the app optimising progress has completed, it goes back to the Nvidia Logo and repeats the app optimising. May i Know how can i fix it? Thanks in advance

  10. Velicity Von says:

    im trying to downgrade my tablet from 6.0 to android 5.1 but when i do that i get this error message FAILED (remote: (InvalidSize)) i know that you guys provided some tips like changing cable and ports i already did that and i even tried on windows 7 pc but no luck the funny thing when i tried to install android 7.0 worked like charm without any problem but when i try to downgrade i cannot do that.
    i have nvidia shield k1

    • administrator says:

      NVidia says Google’s position (and apparently theirs) is that once you go UP, you cannot go back down. XDA members have done it successfully. Some have bricked trying to do it.

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