APK2TV Android to Android TV Converter

Welcome to the APK2TV Windows application.


APK2TV will attempt to decompile, alter and recompile (with a fake signature) an Android APK so that it is “Android TV” or Leanback Launcher friendly.

It works by adding a banner to the package and some updates/lines to the Android Manifest file.

After doing this by hand for dozens of APKs, I wrote this tool to help out.

It is not 100% perfect. There are a million things that can go wrong when doing this process (easy for a human to see, harder to account for with code). I’ve added graceful failures to the code as much as possible but you’re surely going to see something I haven’t compensated for at some time.

The resulting APKs are “unsigned” – which means they will not be recognized by Google as valid applications and auto-updates will surely not work. In some cases, the app itself may not work because it sees itself as “tampered with” – even if it passes conversion.

This is derivative work. I did not create the core tools to unpack, pack and fake sign APKs. Links are provided in the credits for those talented folks.

My goal was to make it possible to automate the process and possibly open the process up for the less technical Shield TV owners.

What it Does

  • Adds a banner image to the assets of the app.
  • Adds a reference to the banner image in the app so it can be displayed
  • Adds a reference to whether Android TV should consider this a GAME or APP for the launcher.
  • Adds a reference for the Leanback Launcher so that Android TV’s interface is allowed to display the app’s banner.
  • Adds a couple more “Android TV” related references to help the app get recognized and run by Android TV.
  • Breaks the “valid” signature of the app; meaning Google services like Play Games, updates, license checks, etc. may not work.

What it Does NOT Do

  • Fix portrait apps to be landscape
  • Add Shield Controller support or alter how Shield Controllers work with the app
  • Fix, alter or otherwise remove the “touch only” requirements for apps
  • Make an app work that doesn’t work through regular sideloading
  • Fix any bugs or glitches with the app running under Android TV (in fact, may introduce new ones)

Bottom Line: If it works sideloaded, but you want to launch it from Leanback Launcher instead of Sideload Launcher? This is for you. If the app doesn’t work sideloaded, this hack will not help it work.

Requires Java runtime installed, and .NET 4 (you probably already have both).

I’ve added tooltips to EVERYTHING .. so hover your mouse over stuff to find out what it means.

APK2TV (24630 downloads)


  • V1.2 – Fixed the Java warning for Windows 10/64bit users.  Minor fixes.

Standard disclaimer: I’m not responsible if this breaks anything or otherwise causes any damage, harms your ferret – whatever. Use at your own risk, blah blah blah.

You can find a ton of apps already converted here.  Find answers to common questions here. Looking for pre-made banners?  Try here.

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  1. Justin B. says:

    I would love to see this also patch out things like root checks or Amazon FireTV authentication checks. All I’m saying is that we need a way to get DirecTV Now working on the ShieldTV and while being rooted.

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