Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Shield TV Pro)

This returns your Shield Android TV (Pro; 500GB) to “stock” V6.2 with Android 7 (aka Nougat). If your Shield Android TV doesn’t have a built in 500GB hard drive and/or doesn’t have a power button? This is the wrong tutorial. Check out the Shield Android TV (2015; 16GB) tutorial or the Shield Android TV (2017; 16GB) tutorial.

There are numerous reasons you may wish to do this; mostly if you can’t perform an OTA upgrade after rooting – you may need to return to stock before you can accept the upgrade.

Note: There is no current way to roll back the Shield TV to Marshmallow (pre-5.0).  If you have a solution, please email me.

9 Responses to Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Shield TV Pro)

  1. Hi I have Shield 16gb with Nougat and Rooted ran your Procedure to restore stock image and remove root.
    Ran through the flash-all stage but stopped at the point were the box waited for any key press to reboot. Lost
    display at this point and box is struck. Can stop and start but no screen so can see what is happening assume its stuck in bootloader still. Can I factory reset without screen ?

    Help would be appreciated.

  2. hello , i dont understand my bootloader is already unlock , but after i try to boot twrp but i have juste the icon nvidia and nothing . my shield : pro 500 gb


  3. ron says:

    hello, i have windows 10, and get to the bootloader screen but when i try to install the nvidia shield family drivers, it says it is not x64 compatible. please help if anyone can, i cant upgrade my shield without restoring to stock.

  4. GoogleUser29 says:

    Can this be used for HDD swap?

    I want to swap 500GB HDD to 250GB SSD. After swapping, can I apply this procedure?

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