Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Shield TV 2017)

This returns your Shield Android TV (2017; 16GB) to “stock” V6.2 with Android 7 (aka Nougat). If your Shield Android TV has a built-in 500GB hard drive and/or a physical power button? This is the wrong tutorial. Check out the Shield Android TV (2015; 16GB) tutorial or the Shield Android TV (Pro; 500GB) tutorial.

There are numerous reasons you may wish to do this; mostly if you can’t perform an OTA upgrade after rooting – you may need to return to stock before you can accept the upgrade.  Stock recovery no longer wipes the user partition.

Note: There is no current way to roll back the Shield TV to Marshmallow (pre-5.0).  If you have a solution, please email me.

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  1. Adam Ivanov says:

    The method is the same on Nvidia Shield Tv 2015 (5.1 Nougat)? I wish to revert to the stock Nvidia OS, download it (SHIELD ANDROID TV Recovery OS image 5.1.0) but when i reboot to bootloader and type “flash-all.bat” i got an error message: “FAILED <data transfer failure >

  2. Will there be a tutorial for the 2015 Pro Shield update? Or can this same firmware be used for the 2015 Pro version?

  3. Will there be a tutorial for the 2015 Pro Shield 5.2 update? Or can this same firmware be used for the 2015 Pro version?

  4. Well I tried to update my shield and it didn’t work so I found this method that had been posted. Now my Android TV is bricked and I cannot see anything on it. I tried all of the methods above. Is there a way to send my shield in to Nvidia?

  5. I’m gonna put it here because I follow this website and I love it.

    I couldn’t update my Rooted with TWRP Shield TV 2015 16 GB to 5.2 because the OTA always failed.

    To updated, I followed the following method and it worked. Now I have a rooted Shield TV Device with 5.2


  6. My Nvidia Shield TV says:

    Hi I must have done something wrong when I tried to unroot because now the green light is on but nothing on the tv everything worked OK OK OK for everything but it didn’t reboot and I can’t even get into fastboot it just turns off oh 2015 Shield TV does this mean I need to get a new one 😢

  7. Leon says:

    Im currently Rooted on a Shield tv 2015 that’s on the FW Shield Experience 6.0. There is no recovery images for this FW just yet, Is it possible to use the latest recovery images that Nvidia offer which is Shield Experience 5.2 ? Thanks.

    • administrator says:

      My experience is that you cannot go back a major build (aka 6.x to 5.x). You can just accept the update and re-root. We haven’t needed full stock recovery for awhile now.

  8. My Nvidia Shield TV says:

    Hi my 2017 Shield TV 16gb is 6.2 what firmware should I use to do a stock recovery should I use 5.2 or 6 6.1 6.2 I don’t know I think it should be 5.2 but I don’t want to brick my Shield please let me know thank you very much any help is greatly appreciated take care

  9. Kenneth Sims says:

    My brand new (purchased 12/22) 2017 16gig is dead as a door nail. No boot what so ever, not even a green light. I even was using the latest files from Nvidia. I will say I was able to get a good root. Here is the problem. Rooting killed my “working Direct TV Now App” . I think its something to do with Google “safety net” So to be able to “hide the root” I tried to update super user to pro and flash current version. I went into boot loop and it went down hill from there. Now it will not even power up. My remedy taking it back and going to play Mr innocent w/ Best Buy and hope they just swap it out and do not root the new one until I’m sure I can still use Direct TV GO apk.

  10. Truffaut says:

    I was able to use a USB 2.0 cable for restoring.

  11. tedio k says:

    I killed my Shield TV with the Nvidia procedure. I read somewhere that the batch file flashes the bootloader and that it is a dangerous procedure. Unfortunately, I read it too late. The fact is that I was able to install full android and root the device without issues and then I killed it trying to go back to stock firmware, following Nvidia procedure, which is ridiculous. So, be advised: don’t use that batch file, or you may had break your device.

  12. tedio k says:

    In fact, I’m remembering now and I executed the batch file, it flashed the bootloader (blob), then the boot.img, then it rebooted the device and it was dead. Not even a green light, like other users said before. So, i really suspect that the problem was flashing the bootloader because I flashed the boot.img before with fastboot without issues.

  13. tedio k says:

    By the way, it was the 2017 version.

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