Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV 500GB (Marshmallow)


  • 5/5/2016 – Fixed the corrupted ZIP on the TWRP download.
  • 2/26/2016 – Initial Tutorial posted for this 500GB version

Here we go.  Rooting the Shield Android TV (500GB SKU) running Android 6.0 (aka Marshmallow).  This should work on all builds of Marshmallow moving forward.  Looking for the 16GB tutorial?  Click here.

NOTE: TWRP doesn’t currently work on 4k displays!  Use a 1080p display to complete this tutorial.


Note 1: You will need to be able to see your PC AND the Shield TV’s HDMI out in order to perform this.  I used one monitor with two inputs and flipped back and forth as needed.

Note 2: Unlocking the bootloader will ERASE EVERYTHING internally (not on your external SD card if present).  Make sure you have everything saved off and backed up.  You’ll have to resign into Google – so if you use two-step authentication, be sure to have your Google Authenticator app ready.


  1. Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot if you do not already have it installed.
  2. Ensure the Shield Family drivers are extracted somewhere on your system and you know where they are.
  3. Make sure you know how to get to Device Manager on your PC.
  4. Extract TWRP Recovery image. Put this in your Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder (usually c:program files(x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot).
  5. Copy supersubeta.zip into your Minimal ADB and Fastboot folderNote: If you’ve already created Adopted Storage, you’ll need to put SuperSuBeta.zip on a fresh SD card that hasn’t been adopted.
  6. Plug your Shield TV into the PC with USB cable.
  7. Plug your mouse into a USB port.
  8. Confirm drivers for ADB are installed:
    1. On your PC, go to Device Manager.  Find the yellow (!) ADB device.  If none exist, you probably already have drivers.  Skip to step 9.
    2. Right click the device and select Update Driver.
    3. When offered, browse your computer for the driver and point it to the Shield Family Drivers folder you extracted in Preparation Step 2 above.
    4. When finished with the driver install, the (!) yellow device should be gone.
  9. Enable Developer mode on Shield TV
    1. On the Shield TV, go to Settings->About->Build (tap 7 times on the BUILD to unlock developer mode).  Back out.
  10. Enable USB Debugging on Shield TV
    1. Settings -> Developer -> Debugging; set to On
    2. A popup should appear asking for this PC’s authorization.  Check the Don’t ask again for this PC box and select Allow.  If it doesn’t show up now, it will later.

Root Procedure

  1. Reboot into Bootloader on Shield
    1. Launch Minimal ADB and Fastboot from the Start Menu or icon on the PC.  This puts you in a black DOS box.
    2. Type “adb devices” and make sure your Shield TV appears.  Note: If you didn’t have a popup on your Shield TV screen in Step 10.2 above, it probably will appear now.  You’ll have to authorize the PC before it will show up under adb devices.
    3. Once you see your Shield TV when you run “adb devices” you’re ready to proceed.
    4. Type “adb reboot bootloader” and hit enter.  The Shield TV should reboot into the bootloader screen.
  2. Verify Fastboot Drivers are installed:
    1. On your PC, go to Device Manager.
    2. See if a yellow (!) exists that mentions FASTBOOT.  If not, continue to Step 3.
    3. Right click the device and select Update Driver.
    4. When offered, browse your computer for the driver and point it to the Shield Family Drivers folder you extracted in Preparation Step 2 above.
    5. When finished with the driver install, the (!) yellow device should be gone.
    6. Type “fastboot devices” and make sure your Shield TV is visible.
  3. Unlock Bootloader
    1. Type in “fastboot oem unlock” and hit enter.
    2. You will see a PLEASE WAIT … appear on the Shield TV screen.  This will take up to two HOURS (500GB).  Do not be impatient!  Let it finish.
  4. Reboot to Shield TV Interface
    1. Once the bootloader is unlocked, reboot the Shield TV and return to the Shield TV main interface.
  5. Repeat Preparation Steps 9 and 10 above to re-enable Developer/USB Debugging.  Note: at some point you will have to re-authorize your PC again; if an ADB command fails, be sure to look at your Shield TV screen for the authorization prompt.
  6. Push supersubeta.zip to the Shield
    1. In the Minimal ADB and Fastboot DOS window, type: “adb push supersu.zip /sdcard/”
    2. You should see text indicating the file was copied over correctly.Note: If you’ve already created Adopted Storage, you’ll need to put SuperSuBeta.zip on a fresh SD card that hasn’t been adopted.
  7. Reboot to Bootloader
    1. Type “adb reboot bootloader” and hit enter. The Shield TV should reboot into the bootloader screen.
  8. Fastboot/Install  TWRP
    1. Type “fastboot devices” and make sure your Shield TV is visible.
    2. If your Shield TV is listed, type  “fastboot boot twrp-20160222-UNOFFICIAL-foster.img”
    3. After a few seconds or so, you should see the TWRP Recovery screen
    4. When asked, keep the system READ ONLY.
  9. Ensure your mouse is plugged in and working.
  10. Install SuperSU
    1. Select INSTALL.
    2. Navigate and select supersubeta.zip (if you are using a microSD card, click SELECT STORAGE and choose microSD)
    3. Follow the instructions to Swipe to Flash
    4. SuperSU will install.
  11. Reboot to System
    1. Select SYSTEM REBOOT from the TWRP screen
    2. Answer DO NOT INSTALL if asked to install SuperSU
  12. Run SuperSU application and apply any updates
    1. Once you are back up and running (first boot can take a little longer and possibly bootloop once) find the SuperSU app installed on the Shield TV.  Run it and perform any upgrades (select “Use Normal” if asked).
  13. You are now rooted!

Video Version

Not yet available.  Check the 16GB tutorial to get a general idea of how it works.

If Something Goes Wrong

First, don’t panic.  It is pretty hard to permanently “brick” the Shield Android TV just by trying to root it.

No matter what may go wrong, flashing a stock image should put you back in working order.

This “fix” has similar requirements and pre-requisites as rooting itself.  You must be able to boot the Shield TV into Fastboot, it must be plugged into the computer and you must be able to see it with the command “fastboot devices”.  See above if you need to remedy this.

Obviously if your Shield Android TV is stuck in an infinite boot – you cannot reboot to Fastboot from your PC.  I have to do it the “hardware way”.  This is a tricky step and requires pretty good timing.  Do not worry if it doesn’t seem to work the first couple of times you try it.

Accessing Bootloader via Hardware

Restore Shield Android TV to Stock


  • NVidia Stock Shield TV Image (500GB Pro image)
  • Shield TV in Fastboot, plugged into PC
  • Fastboot drivers installed on PC
  • Shield TV shows up in “fastboot devices” under Minimal ADB and Fastboot DOS box.
  • The Bootloader must be unlocked (but it should already be unlocked from your root attempt).

Restoration Procedure

  1. Extract the NVidia Stock Shield TV Image v1.3 (again, make sure you have the right one for your unit) into your Minimal ADB and Flashboot folder.  It shouldn’t overwrite anything; if it does, consider renaming what it was going to overwrite – just to be safe.
  2. Verify the Shield Android TV is in Fastboot by typing “fastboot devices” and hitting enter.  If you see the Shield TV show up, continue.
  3. Type “flash-all.bat” hit enter.  Note: This erases EVERYTHING – returning the Shield Android TV to stock – like it just came out of the box.
  4. Wait and watch.  THIS CAN TAKE A LONG TIME – as in a couple of HOURS for the 500GB version of Shield Android TV.
  5. Once complete, reboot the Shield Android TV.  To select items from the Fastboot menu, TAP the power button to select … HOLD AND RELEASE (for two seconds) to select.
  6. You should now be back up and running.
Note: Some of this content was originally derived in part from XDA’s threads here and here.  

64 Responses to Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV 500GB (Marshmallow)

    • dusf says:

      Can you please append to your guide details on best practice for backing up and restoring changes before and after updating the Shield? I am guessing Titanium Backup?

      • administrator says:

        The only time you need to backup is if you’re unlocking the bootloader. Since you don’t have root, TB won’t help you. I added a section to the top recommending Helium.

  1. Yantis Eddie says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the new tutorial. I was one of the ones having problems with the old one, but this one worked perfectly and my Shield is back to being rooted. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. My luck sucks though. I was unlocked and rooted on 5.1 with your 5.1 tutorial, took the 6.0 ota last monday and went ahead and set stuff up debating if I really wanted to root. Just decided to go ahead and do it and when i get to the part to reboot into bootloader and see it is locked again. Wth?

  3. I’ve rooted my Shield TV before, but I haven’t been able to reroot it after the new update. After I boot the img. File my pc says device not recognized. If I then try to install supersu on the Shield TV it will show errors and won’t install. Any suggestions?

  4. After fooling around with it a bit, I discovered that I wasnt using an updated twrp. The root is successful. Thanks

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  6. I have finally rooted my shield pro after many failed attempts, now is there anyway of putting a custom rom with full android os, can you please give us step by step on how to install it on the 500G nvidia shield, thanks for the step by step in rooting nvidia pro, with out you i’ll still be lost.

  7. Hi, your Recovery File seems to be corrupt. Can you please reupload it?

  8. Rusty Sink says:

    Twrp keeps giving error when trying to extract…….help please

  9. okay so before i freak out ….i did the 2 hour wait now after is done i reboot it the shield and is stuck on erasing….. 🙁 is it normal ? if so how long is normal lol

  10. Kirkeby Mats says:

    When putting in “fastboot oem unlock” it ask me to confirm or back to menu, but it will not let me confirm. Advice on how to proceed please?

  11. please my nvidia is stuck on the android robot logo animation after trying the stock restoration what can i do pleasssse

  12. 5 hours nothing happened, now i can’t do nothing on adb cmd when a enter a cmd it says can’t load and when a type flash-all.bat i got error device (null) not found

  13. Please can you send me a dm on my twitter= carrerat

  14. i got no partition installed on it so i don’t have os installed and i only have the fastboot menu when i turn it on, my drivers are ok but i can’t execute cmd on it i got “so many link” and “FAILED (command write failed (Invalid argument))” when i execute a cmd

  15. Finally everything works i don’t know why but im still stuck on the android robot animation is that normal ?

  16. Please tell me how can i do to factory restock my shield pro

  17. Finally everythings work but last question do i really need a sd card to root ???

  18. FYI mine took 4 HOURS to complete the “fastboot oem unlock” command

    I’m running a Shield Android TV 500 GB and the first time I let it run for over 3 hours but that wasn’t enough time. Just wanted to mention this in case other’s are out there wondering if it didn’t work after the 2hour mark — if that’s you, just let it runnnnn

  19. Pro Koks says:

    Why not use dev pre rooted images ?

    • administrator says:

      First, they are at least a week behind – maybe two. Most people don’t want to wait that long. Second, they apparently don’t have OTA built into them (this is what I was told), so each release you essentially have to do the full deal again. Finally, the ONE time I tried the pre-rooted images – I had issue with root access. So I just stopped using them.

  20. Paul Tisl says:

    I just purchased a new Shield Pro that updated right out of the box during setup to 3.2. Is it possible to root it when it is on 3.2 using this guide?

  21. jps shield says:

    After flashing nv-recovery-image-shield-atv-pro-upgrade1_3_500GB get stuck in a boot loop…I have the 500gb version. I tried nv-ota-foster-na-3.2-500gb-full as well and that was even worse. So I am stuck….

  22. jps shield says:

    Just followed Restoration Procedure to a tee from this guide not the other one. I am stuck on Nvidia logo after final reboot from fastboot. Only difference is I used minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4_setup.exe

  23. jps shield says:

    I figured it out. Your guide may work but it did not in my case. I have the newest version 500gb Pro. Latest updates etc…I had messed up my google play store with a modded one. So I was just restoring to fix the google play store. This guide, nor the guide from the menu worked for me. This is what worked.

    minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4_setup.exe from their site
    nv-recovery-image-shield-atv-pro-3.2.0.zip from nvidia developer site

    I did not use the flash-all.bat file or command, but suspected it may be the issue. My shield was reporting back that it was already unlocked. I manually followed their list of commands

    If you are CERTAIN that your SHIELD device OS is currently running Android
    Marshmallow or newer (i.e. the Android version is 6.0 or greater), follow
    these intructions:

    *** Prerequisites:
    1. Ensure that the bootloader is unlocked (see above step)

    *** Flashing instructions:
    1. Execute these commands on the host PC:

    fastboot flash staging blob
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot flash system system.img
    fastboot flash vendor vendor.img
    fastboot reboot

    This worked!!!!! 😀



  24. Francis Pinto says:

    Hi there
    Can you please do a new detailed video on rooting the 500gb running 6.0 / 3.2
    Also please can you show how to unlock the boot loader …..using . I have been rooting android tablets phones etc but the video looks very tricky I have never done adb etc.
    Can you be kind enough to make a new video
    Altogether a detailed video

  25. Manny Rivera says:

    Hi I would like to change the rom for custom full android which rom recommend?

    • administrator says:

      I do not recommend nor sponsor custom roms here. I’ve simply never seen one work out to the delight of a user. There always seems to be problems. I’d head over to XDA and see what they have going on.

  26. Just rooted the device with this great guide.

    Everything seemed fine and I got moved in however now I can’t access GeForce Now to play purchased games or buy anything. It is giving me “Store error request failed.” from Shield hub. I was able to login but each game still shows join and when I click I get the error.
    Pic https://goo.gl/photos/gzzs1riCbqCcbKeh6

    Not sure if it’s related to root but it was working before. I also tried creating a new account both with email and Google account credentials and get same error. Any tips or does anyone else have this problem?

  27. Adam says:

    If anyone can help I am have trouble on this step, I ve used two different sd cards, I get this error “cannot stat “supersu.zip”: no such file or directory”

    Ive repeated the guide from start until this step (Step 6) repeated steps 9 and 10, Placed the files in the program files Sigh!!!!!!!!!

    6. Push supersubeta.zip to the Shield
    In the Minimal ADB and Fastboot DOS window, type: “adb push supersu.zip /sdcard/”
    You should see text indicating the file was copied over correctly.Note: If you’ve already created Adopted Storage, you’ll need to put SuperSuBeta.zip on a fresh SD card that hasn’t been adopted.

  28. anto neo says:

    Hello. I need your help. I have problem with the translate the tutorial. I speak Spanish. Please somebody make a video tutorial. Please. Please. Please.

  29. Savage Pagan says:

    Will you look into rooting Android 7 Nougat and have you ever used FlashFire to root any device?

  30. Savage Pagan says:

    Actually I was wondering if you have Nougat installed on the original Shield TV and looked in to rooting with Nougat on it.

  31. Savage Pagan says:

    How do I return my shield pro to stock marshmallow after rooting marshmallow?

  32. Savage Pagan says:

    Have you downloaded the Nougat for 2015 Pro yet? It looks like two versions are available from the Nvidia Developer download center. One is the NVIDIA SHIELD ANDROID TV Pro Recovery OS Image version 5.0.2 and the second is the NVIDIA SHIELD ANDROID TV Pro Developer Only OS Image ver. 5.0.2 which is already rooted. I am going to send you a like to that Nvidia webpage with the OS image links for the 2015 and 2017 shields.

  33. steve hale says:

    OK I’m new to the nvidia pro just got mine lol. But can some one tell me what do you get from rooting it. I know this is a newbie question but I searched and can’t find it

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