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NVidia Shield TV transforms your experience from just watching TV to playing TV. It’s about amazing, interactive experiences, powered by the latest technologies and apps—as well as those yet to come. The hottest TV shows and movies in brilliant 4K. Your favorite songs at the touch of a button. And a new generation of great games.

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  1. Atilano Reza says:

    Hi just bought the 16gb version If I add emulators will I need root it and if any recommendations on what micro SD to get or use a external sad or flash key for extra storage? Thanks

  2. Atilano Reza says:

    Hello I bought the standard version if I want add lots emulators and other apps and media will I need to root it? And recommendations on which micro SD card to get or should use a flash key or external HD? Thanks

    • administrator says:

      As long as you don’t want gigantic Android games, you are fine with a microSD + a decent external hard drive. Just be aware that there are limitations to what you can write to and from what app. Marshmallow update will help, but won’t eliminate the problem. Rooting, of course, solves the issue.

  3. Manny Vera says:

    HI there sir, first off I like to thank you for the work you do!
    I have followed your instructions to the letter and I have to say that is very easy and simple for me at least.
    I do have one problem, after rooting and custom rom, I flash back the original firmware and my shield pro when from 500gb to 11gb, and I don’t know how to get my storage back even after factory reset many times, please help with this?
    Thank you.

  4. Atilano Reza says:


    I rooted the shield I’m newbie is there anything I should install or do to not have any issues with emulator save states etc. For example if install mame or any other emulator and store the roms on a flash drive? Thanks

  5. B_-R_-AT ! says:

    Hi , Can u PLEASE check to confirm whether the android game Call of duty:heroes is supported by Nvidia Shield either via play store or via sideloading the apk .
    My whole decision of buying shield tv depends on this info. and even after several retrials I couldnt find any relevant info regarding this on the internet .
    It will be HUGELY helpful for me if you could check this .

  6. Atilano Reza says:

    Hi has anybody experienced a bug where a network storage mount stops working when I check it out it says 0.00 space available the only way I make work is by dismounting then restarting the shield tv. Any Idea why this happening or this just a bug?

  7. Today I have not been access Google play fully. I can open the shield games app, but when I click on the games it tells me there is a connection error. When I play the games, it says unable to connect to Google play. I don’t think my WiFi is bad because I can watch ESPN, look at YouTube videos etc. Any ideas?
    If I need to factory reset, what is the difference between fast reset and full reset?

    • administrator says:

      One way will nuke the user partition (full stock recovery) and the other leaves it in tact – but if the issue is in the user partition, this won’t help you.

      Have you done anything else to the unit?

  8. Paul Savage says:

    hi is there anyway to hide leanback launcher in 2017 model without root?

  9. Glenn Kittle says:

    hello, i have a shield tv 2015 16gb i bought already rooted to full android lollipop. i’ve run out of storage and want to upgrade to nougart and then root again and use an external hard drive as system storage so i don’t have problem again. my questions are what is proper way to i do an ota update and reroot or is ther a different process thats better. i have retroarch with many emulators and roms and hyperspin setup. is there a way to backup and then restore those files once i upgrade. Thanks for any help

  10. My Nvidia Shield TV says:

    Hi love everything you do your a great writer I have 2 questions first the new shield TV controller won’t record with headset longer than 40 seconds. Second is there another way to record audio when screen capture is running like a USB headset I have tried but when I open any app the volume changes, I’m trying to avoid using a computer thanks

  11. Mike Howie says:

    With a rooted shield can you install a full Google play store without the need of a full android Rom?

    I.e can I have the full play store but keep shield interface.

    Any links appreciated

  12. Can anyone help me to install tincore? I am not able to see the internal devices because selinux is enforcing, thanks

  13. I just bought the Nvidia Shield Pro 500GB yesterday 08/11/2017 do I need to return to stock then unlock bootloader before proceeding to root? and which is the correct root method mines say version 7 with android sw 5.2(24.28.403.173) first time rooting any help will be greatly appreciated

  14. Manuel Harris says:

    Hello i updated my shield 2015 16gig model now I have no wifi or bluetooth options can’t set up wifi or connect any hardware without a cord I tried to factory reset and nothing any help would be amazing also can I root my shield with a macbook or just a SD card thanks

  15. Darren Hill says:

    So, everytime I go to NVidia Games or Google Play Games, it tells me I need to update them. I gladly say ‘Update’, but it doesn’t do anything. It takes me to the ‘Application Description’ page, but that’s it. No more options to ‘Update’.

    Going to Google Play Store, it shows nothing needs to be updated.

    Going to System / About and asking for the latest version of ShieldTV, says no updates.

    All this prevents me for actually playing any games. Can anyone help?

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