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3 Responses to More

  1. Zac Landry says:

    So it looks like marshmallow broke the ability to have multiple hard drives hooked up to the shield tv. Will stickmount fix this in marshmallow?

    • administrator says:

      What’s your configuration? Is the first hard drive adopted as storage? Have you tried a hub? Get me some more info, I’ll try to duplicate and get it up to NVidia.

  2. Zac Landry says:

    I’m actually avoiding updating because multiple people are having issues with this. I know you’re on the Nvidia forums as well. You must have seen the multiple posts for this issue. I have 3 hard drives hooked up currently to my Shield through a hub, so I need to know 100% this issue is resolved or a workaround is found before I do the update. Thanks

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