NVidia Shield TV Utility App


The link below will direct you to the download page where you will find the app.

Download website link:
Latest app download v0.6 link:

1. Unzip the folders to “C:\NSTV”
2. Launch app “Nvidia Shield TV Utility App.exe”

Tested and working on Win7, Win8, and Win10 using NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

Feel free to ask any question’s, post any comments or concerns, or make suggestions for things you might like to see


Changelog v0.06

Added – 1-Click Download and install latest stable Kodi 15.x
Tweaked – Code cleaned up
Tweaked – ADB over network

Changelog v0.05

Tweaked – ADB over network
Tweaked – Recorded Video transfer
Added – Record Video to Internal or External SDCard
Downgraded – ADB drivers to version 1.0.31 as seems more stable and less device offline errors
Fixed – A few more old code ref to c:\FTV\ which was causing app to crash… Hopefully all bug now squashed
Updated – Virtual Keyboard Input image

Changelog v0.04

Updated – Connected status tip update to advise its a guide only not to be relied upon as ADB app does not provide live connection status.
Added – Push OBB folder to /SDCard/Android/OBB/ (Place the OBB folder you wish to push in “C:\NSTV\Apps\OBB_Folder”)

Changelog v0.03

Added – Check for valid file and path when installing 3rd party apk apps (User will be informed of any whitespace in file path)
Added – Reboot into Bootloader to access Fast Boot (Make sure you are connected via USB cable)
Added – Reboot (Shutdown and Restart)
Fixed – Details popup now shows connection status from NVidia Shield TV
Updated – App XDA Developers URL now that we have a dedicated forum page
Updated – Removed Generic ADB USB drivers and added NVidia official ADB USB drivers with installation instructions
Updated – Renamed some missed reference from AFTV to NSTV

Changelog v0.02

Fixed – Cleaned up all previous reference links from Amazon FTV to NVidia STV
Fixed – Check for update
Added – Video capture
Added – Power On or Standby toggle button
Updated – GUI Logo and tweaked colours
Tidy – Cleanup of coding

Changelog v0.01

Initial release
At the request of many of my supporters I have ported my Amazon FireTV Utility App for the Nvidia Shield TV.
You might come across some links in the app referring back to Amazon FireTV Utility which will be cleaned up in the next release./topic/842085/?comment=4564278

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