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More tutorials, updated tutorials and new FAQ questions answered …

Nothing puts us to work here more than an OTA release.

All three Shield TV devices (2015, Pro and 2017) all have root tutorials.  Restoring to stock 5.0.1 tutorial added.

We’ve found an issue where some people can’t boot to TWRP using our initial tutorial – so we created work arounds for USB hubs and non-Adoptive Storage users.

Finally, we’ve been filling out the FAQ with regards to the new Shield TV 2017.


Tutorial: Root Shield TV (2015/2017; 16GB) on Android 7.0 (Nougat) is now ready!

Well here it is … our tutorial to root your OG Shield TV running Nougat.  We’re now using ADB SIDELOAD whenever possible to avoid issues with Adopted Storage.

Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV (2015; 16GB) (Nougat)

Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV (2017; 16GB) (Nougat)

Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV Pro (Nougat)

As always with our new tutorials, please let me know if you find any issues.

Shield Portable Root Video Tutorial Now Available

We decided to give the Shield Portable some lovin’.  In addition to refreshing the tutorials for root, we added a tutorial video for the visual visitors.

Since Lollipop’s root is more complicated than KitKat (which you can use Towelroot with), we’ll start with that.  Here is the tutorial (video is on the page, too) and here is the video


Guided tour of Shield Android TV OTA 3.2 including Plex Server setup

Here is a guided tour of setting up Samba file sharing and Plex Media Server on the Shield Android TV – showing off some new features of the just released OTA 3.2!

Tutorial: Update Rooted Shield TV from 3.x to 3.2 OTA

Here you go.  The tutorial has been updated to update your rooted Shield Android TV (16GB) from 3.x to 3.2.

Check it out now!

Note: Shield Pro (500GB) version will be ready in a couple hours.

Tutorial: Shield Tablet (OG) Rooted Update to OTA 4.1

We are pleased to offer our new tutorial allowing you to update your rooted Shield Tablet (OG) to the latest OTA 4.1 update without data loss or reformatting.  Check it out here:

Tutorial: Update Rooted Shield Tablet (4.x to 4.1)

Rooted Shield Android TV 500GB OTA 3.1 update tutorial now available

For those of you rocking the rooted Pro version of the Shield Android TV, here is your tutorial for upgrading without destroying data or rolling back to stock.

Tutorial: Update Rooted Shield TV 500GB Pro (3.0 to 3.1)

New Tutorial: Update rooted Shield TV from 3.0 to 3.1

Rooted but want to upgrade to the latest OTA?  We have a new tutorial for you!

Tutorial: Update Rooted Shield TV 16GB (3.0 to 3.1)

This is only for the 16GB unit.  Do not use it on the 500GB Pro unit.

New Tutorial: Upgrade rooted Shield Tablet K1 1.x to 1.2 without data loss

Tutorial: Update Rooted Shield Tablet K1 (1.x to 1.2)


This tutorial supercedes the previous one.  Should work 100% for everyone.

Shield Tablet K1 Stock Recovery Tutorial Updated

With the 1.2 OTA update, my fellow root users will need to roll back to the last official stock recovery to allow the OTA to install.

Our tutorial Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (K1) has been updated with the v1.1.1 stock image.  mmroot