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Shield TV (16Gb; 2017) Root Tutorial Updated

As mentioned, we’ve moved to Magisk (vice SuperSU) for Shield TV rooting.

The 2017 version is a little bit different and required a change in process (using a patched boot image vice installing Magisk in a manner similar to SuperSU).

Please note that the patched boot image approach is not as “generic” as the TWRP approach – and any future update (even minor ones) could break the tutorial – as the boot loader may change with an OTA.

For now? We have a working root solution for you. As always with something new, your reports and issues are crucial to ensure we have everything dialed in for other users. Contact me directly at the link in the upper right sidebar instead of leaving comments. Thanks!

Shield TV (16GB; 2017) Return To Stock Tutorial Updated

To support the forthcoming tutorial update of Shield TV 2017’s root process, you’re likely going to have to do a Stock Recovery (no data loss).

I’ve updated the recovery image and verified the tutorial is good.

Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Shield TV 2017)

New Oreo Tutorials Ready

Sorry for the delay.  The following tutorials are ready.

Shield TV 2017 Oreo Root Tutorial Ready

This is a pretty simple clone of the Nougat tutorial with the new SuperSU required to work with Oreo.

Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV 2017 (Oreo)

If you find any issues, please let us know.  2015 and Pro versions coming after we test the Oreo release on them.

Shield Android TV (2017; 16GB) Stock Recovery Tutorial Updated to 6.2

Keeping things current; updated the Shield Android TV 2017 Stock Recovery tutorial to use the 6.2 stock image.

Shield Android TV (Pro; 500GB) Stock Recovery Tutorial Updated

Since Shield Android TV Pro users have issues updating from versions below 6.2 to 6.2 (and therefore 6.3) – I’ve updated the tutorial extensively.

Changes include:

  • Updated Stock Recovery from 5.2 to 6.2.
  • Flash-all.bat needs some editing to successfully execute on Shield Android TV Pro.
  • Added a sample .bat for reference.

If you’re on < 6.2 (and 6.2 fails over and over again to install OTA), then use this tutorial to get to 6.2, then accept the 6.3 upgrade.  Re-root as applicable.

Note: No files or data will be lost during Stock Recovery.

Shield TV (2017) Root Tutorial Confirmed Under 6.3

Just a quick note that the OTA 6.3 is fully rootable with our tutorial.  You will lose root when taking the OTA, but you will not need to return to stock.

Shield TV Pro (500GB) Update Compatible with Tutorials

The latest 6.3 update is fully compatible with our rooting tutorials – and the OTA does not require an unrooting or return to stock recovery.

I’ll be testing Shield TV (2015) and Shield TV (2017) soon, but I don’t expect any issues.

New Videos Added

By popular demand, I’ve added videos to the following tutorials:

Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV (2015; 16GB) (Nougat)

Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Shield TV Pro)

I’m also working on a tutorial to help get Commodore Amiga emulation running on Shield TV; specifically to play the amazing shooter Deluxe Galaga.  This will be a fully LEGAL way to play and the price will be $1.99 and about 10 minutes of your time.  Here is a preview:

Shield Tablet K1 OTA 5.0 Root Tutorial Now Available

I know  you guys are chomping at the bit.  Here is the new tutorial:

Tutorial: Root Shield Tablet K1 (Nougat)

Couple of notes …

You cannot roll back to Marshmallow.  You cannot roll back to stock recovery 5.x yet (they haven’t posted the images).