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We’re back!

Sorry about the lag in news and info.  The site has been the target of WordPress hackers and I’ve been working with the hosting company to put in stronger security.

We’ll get caught up in a day or two.  Thanks for stickin’ with us.

Replaced Shield Tablet K1 OTA 1.3 Image

Sorry for the mix up.  The Shield Tablet K1 OTA Full 1.3 Image should now be proper.  8b237ac14e07b890d09f089a7c3fcf3d is the MD5, 678MB.

Updates to the Website

Just a quick note to let everyone know I’ve been working on the website.  I’m replacing direct download links with MD5 hashed file downloads.  Be on the lookout for any broken links and please report them.

I’m also overhauling the older tutorials to follow the same format as the newer tutorials.  I’m also trying to tidy them up so that some information is collapsed to keep it out of the way.

Hope you enjoy the updates!

NVidia Shield Zone has a chat room!

Need help? Want to chat? Come hang out in our new chat room!

Join the Chat now!

New easy access to NVidia Shield Zone videos!

Added a nice plugin to offer easier access to our 100+ videos without leaving the site!

To kick things off, let’s add a new video (requested by one of our own visitors); Z Steel Soldiers.

Jump to the Page

Updates on NVidia Shield Zone!

We have had a busy weekend here at NSZ.  We’ve been busily refreshing our content to match the latest updates across all Shield devices.  We’ve updated existing tutorials on rooting and added new tutorials including how to update manually without data loss – and how to restore your device to stock.

Remember, we’ve done every one of these several times – and we take you through everything; even the stuff other tutorials leave out.

We’ve also been busy adding GenrePacks to the Arc Browser app’s download page.  Fresh and new include GBA, TG-16 and N64 packs.

Along with what you SEE – we’ve been working on a lot of things you cannot see.  NSZ was a merger between all our Android sites including Green Robot Gamer, the old Shield Zone, Android Emulation Zone, etc.  We’re porting over content, fixing broken links, tweaking WordPress; all that fun stuff the site monkeys have to do.

As always, we’re pleased to have you here and look forward to being your Shield Device Utopia.

NVidia Presser Event: We'll be there! Antics links inside!

Tomorrow night’s presser is sure to be great.  Follow along with us “behind the scenes” up to, including AND after the presser!  Bookmark the page below for all the fun.

Fixed some broken links!

Sorry the Emulation and Reviews links were broken. They are up and running now, so why not check them out?

NVidia Shield Companion App 1.5 Released

shieldzoneI’m pleased to announce a new version of the Nvidia Shield Companion app for Android.

The app contains the following features:

  •  Get the latest Shield news; two feeds – one hand curated and contributed to by the community, the other a raw news search from Google.
  •  Quick access to a curated search of Google Play for Shield friendly games
  •  Custom feed of PC games on sale for under $10 – constantly updated – find new stuff to stream!
  •  Mobile access to the Shield Zone’s Android Emulator database; find and download from a hand-picked list of console, computer and arcade emulators
  •  Fast access to these forums, the Google+ Community, Reddit’s community and the Shield Zone website
  •  An easy way to submit news to Shield Zone
  •  More to come!

The app is free. Free of cost, free of IAP, free of ads. No notifications. Just a clean, easy to use app to keep you caught up on the best Shield has to offer.

Download It Now (Google Play)

Comments, suggestions and Google Play store ratings (honest ones) always appreciated. Note: the latest version was submitted a few hours ago and not everyone may have access to the new version yet.

Easy access to videos!

We’re cleaning up a little bit and have tightened up the navigation and created a tabbed video page to allow you to check out our youTube and offerings.

Like this one … over an hour streaming the new Gauntlet PC game via Gamestream to the Shield Tablet!