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Shield TV Oreo is Rootable

The good news: root works.

Bad news: the SUPERSU included in the tutorials currently does not work (and causes issues if you use it).

I will be updating all the tutorials.  For those that simply CANNOT wait, replace the tutorial version with this one.  Follow all the other steps and use all the other files provided.

This has been TESTED and VERIFIED with Shield TV (2017 Edition).  As the update rolls to my other 2015 and Pro SKUs, I’ll test them as well.

The tutorials will be updated later tonight for those patiently awaiting them.


Added Stock Recovery tutorial for Shield Android TV (2015; 16GB) … and more …

Finally added this missing tutorial – find it here.

I’ve pruned several tutorials that just don’t make sense to keep around anymore – and I optimized some of the perm-links to be more consistent with each other (this may cause some outside links to break – if you got redirected here, that’s probably what happened).

I also double tested all the Nougat based tutorials: rooting and stock recovery. Made some minor updates.

Shield Android TV (2017; 16GB) Stock Recovery Tutorial Updated to 6.2

Keeping things current; updated the Shield Android TV 2017 Stock Recovery tutorial to use the 6.2 stock image.

Shield Android TV (Pro; 500GB) Stock Recovery Tutorial Updated

Since Shield Android TV Pro users have issues updating from versions below 6.2 to 6.2 (and therefore 6.3) – I’ve updated the tutorial extensively.

Changes include:

  • Updated Stock Recovery from 5.2 to 6.2.
  • Flash-all.bat needs some editing to successfully execute on Shield Android TV Pro.
  • Added a sample .bat for reference.

If you’re on < 6.2 (and 6.2 fails over and over again to install OTA), then use this tutorial to get to 6.2, then accept the 6.3 upgrade.  Re-root as applicable.

Note: No files or data will be lost during Stock Recovery.

SSL has been applied to

In an effort to comply with the new kinder, gentler and more secure internet – this site has moved to https/SSL.

Nothing should break, but you never know.  If you see something, say something.


Some site maintenance going on …

It has come to my attention that download links embedded within accordions are not rendering properly.

I have disabled that plugin and installed another that does not conflict. While I’m updating the pages to use the new one, there will be some odd markup on the page and there will be no accordions.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll work through each tutorial until I get it fixed.

Wizard is Back!

Not sure what happened to the Wizard (see the right sidebar) but he is back online.

You can also invoke him here.

NSZ now has a like system!

In order to better serve our customer’s needs, we’ve added a voting plugin to the site.  For posts, tutorials, etc. – you can now up or down vote items to help us (and your fellow visitors) determine our quality of content.

Exercise your right to vote!

Let there be more videos!

I’m backed up on videos, so I figure I better just dump them all – screw the branding!  There are over 10 new videos including native Android apps and GeForce Now streaming.

Visit NVidia Shield Zone’s YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe and share!) – videos will be coming online over the next several hours

Site Updates

As promised, most of the Shield Tablet K1 tutorials are in the process of getting refreshed. I’ve added some tips and help boxes within them so hopefully they stand out more.

I’ve also been retesting the tutorials with my own Shield devices to ensure they are still accurate. As such, I may be culling some comments from various tutorials – since a lot of the discussion may no longer apply. Please understand I am not censoring or removing anything maliciously.

We do have the OTA 1.5 FULL update for Shield Tablet K1 now, so our tutorial to update without losing root will be refreshed soon to reflect that.

It is also worth noting that the Restore to Stock K1 tutorial is no longer “destructive” as it no longer wipes the USER partition.

I plan to add some nice screens, photos, etc. to the K1 tutorials to finish them off, then I’ll move to Shield Android TV then to Shield Tablet (OG) and finally Shield Portable.

Thanks for visiting!