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New Oreo Tutorials Ready

Sorry for the delay.  The following tutorials are ready.

Shield TV Drivers Updated

I updated the Shield TV drivers across the board to v2.0 (previously 1.0).  While I think 1.0 worked for most people, no sense in not being current if we can.

Thanks Eliot.

Shield TV Oreo: Add Reboot/Power Off

If you’re looking for a possible solution to adding a power/reboot option to the main interface of your Oreo powered Shield TV, I may have a suitable solution.

The app Power Menu (Root) from the regular Google Play Store offers a very simple and easy to use interface for performing power/boot sort of operations from a single easy app.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear as a NATIVE app on the Shield TV so you cannot add it to your favorites and give it “omnipresence” on your home screen.

I modified the app so it shows up as an Android TV compatible app – and hence, you can add it to the Favorites menu easily.

Power Menu (Root; Android TV Modified) (1405 downloads)


Rolling back Shield TV

I’ve been receiving enough emails to warrant a post on the topic of rolling Shield TV back from version x to version x-1.  That is, rolling Oreo back to Nougat.

The bottom line folks; you can’t roll back major versions.  Let me clarify that to our knowledge, you cannot roll back major versions.  I have consulted with my connections at NVidia and they tell me the same thing.  I do not know if this is NVidia or Google that makes these choices (NVidia says it is Google) but I have never successfully rolled back, nor have I had a single user write me back saying they figured out a way to do it either.

If you have successfully rolled Oreo back to Nougat – please notify me.

Shield TV deals incoming!

SHIELD TV – the streamer for 4K entertainment, max performance, GeForce gaming and smart home control – is joining the Prime Day deals extravaganza.

Kicking off as one of Amazon’s Lightning Deals, SHIELD TV (with remote) will be $139 – $40 off the regular price.

And why should we limit the sale to just a Prime Day? SHIELD will be on sale all week!

Starting Sunday (7/15) and running through the following Saturday (7/21), SHIELD TV (with remote and controller) will be on sale for $179, $20 off the regular price. This promotion will be available at AmazonBest BuyFry’s, the SHIELD Store and most retailers where SHIELD is sold.

To recap:

  • SHIELD TV with remote:  $139 starting as a Lightning Deal and running through the end of Prime Day
  • SHIELD TV with remote and controller:  $179 starting on Sunday (7/15) and running through Saturday (7/21) at most retailers where SHIELD is sold

Shield TV Oreo OTA has officially resumed …

For those that did manual updates to Oreo, you will still receive an OTA for 7.0.2 and it is ok to install.

You will lose root – but we have confirmed our tutorials will regain your access without issue.

Welcome to Oreo!

Manual update to Shield TV Oreo

Update: I have tested this with my Shield TV (16GB; 2015) successfully.  Our root tutorials continue to work.

NVidia has released the 7.0.1 Shield TV Recovery Images.

This means if you know what you’re doing, you can use these Recovery Images to upgrade your Android 6.x Shield TV to Android 7.0.1 without waiting for the OTA to hit.  Note: These are linked via Google Drive, so you will get a pop up from Drive regarding the inability to scan for viruses.

I have tested these with my Shield TV Pro (500GB) unit and was successful in upgrading to Android 7.0.1:

Again, if you know what you’re doing, grab the appropriate Shield TV Recovery Image below.  You can use our tutorials for Stock Recovery for your particular device.

Stock Recovery will not erase your installed files/data.

OFFICIAL tutorials, etc. will be released later this weekend for those that need a little more help.

Please do not attempt to do this if you are not comfortable with it.

Where is my Shield Android TV Oreo update?

A lot of you have written asking why you haven’t received the Oreo update yet.  My sources at NVidia have said they noted some unpleasant issues with some users, so the rollout is halted while they try to get the end user experiences fixed.

We will try to keep you up to date as we learn more and will hopefully be able to let you know when the rollout continues.

Shield TV 2017 Oreo Root Tutorial Ready

This is a pretty simple clone of the Nougat tutorial with the new SuperSU required to work with Oreo.

Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV 2017 (Oreo)

If you find any issues, please let us know.  2015 and Pro versions coming after we test the Oreo release on them.

Shield TV Oreo is Rootable

The good news: root works.

Bad news: the SUPERSU included in the tutorials currently does not work (and causes issues if you use it).

I will be updating all the tutorials.  For those that simply CANNOT wait, replace the tutorial version with this one.  Follow all the other steps and use all the other files provided.

This has been TESTED and VERIFIED with Shield TV (2017 Edition).  As the update rolls to my other 2015 and Pro SKUs, I’ll test them as well.

The tutorials will be updated later tonight for those patiently awaiting them.