Arc Browser Tutorial: Creating GenrePacks for Arc Browser

Tutorial: Creating Genre Packs

Genre Packs are graphic images that replace the generic category icons such as ACTION, ADVENTURE, RACING, etc. on the Arc Browser platform selection screen.

Platform without Genre images

ARC Browser_20150901_190335

Platform with Genre Images

ARC Browser_20150901_190043

Creating the Images

Each image should be a game representative of the genre it will display for.  For example, PitFall! makes a better image for PLATFORM than say Pac-Man.

The images should be 40% opacity (on black) at a size of 800×600.  Resize without aspect ratio restrictions if possible to avoid matting bars.  Most images will look fine stretched just a little bit.  If you’re doing a system with a widescreen game, consider cropping the image to the correct ration.

[youtube id=”TJjSaYuDD1w” align=”center”]

The images should be named “genre_<genrename>.png”.  In our core packs available for download, there are 14 genres currently represented and an “all games” graphic where you can choose to tile games or stack images (see examples in existing packs).  This image should be titled “genre_all.png” and still be 800×600 resolution.

The core current genres are: Action, Adventure, Music, Platform, Role-Playing, Flight Simulator, Shooter, Strategy, Racing, Fighting, Platform, Horror, Puzzle, Sports and Sandbox. So images should be titled “genre_Action.png”, “genre_Adventure.png”, etc.  The packs available for download will have at least these 14 genres; some packs may have more.

Note:  These are “core” genres.  It is entirely possible you may get a new genre for a platform not covered by these 14 genres.  Now that you know how to make them, you can create your own genre images for new categories as they arrive.

Image Placement

Put these images into the ROMs folder for a given platform.  If your Commodore 64 roms folder is /sdcard/roms/C64/ then put your C64 genre images in there (uncompressed).  You may need to restart Arc Browser to see them.

Submitting GenrePack to Shield Zone

At some point we may open an automated user community to submit your own GenrePacks to.  For now, please just email them to use here.  Please ZIP the files prior to sending.

Even if we already have a GenrePack for the Platform, it is always nice to offer alternatives.  We all have our favorite games, after all.

We currently have several “core” packs available for download here.

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