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  • 1. I think I found a bug! How can I effectively report it?

    Comments, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports? Send an e-mail to the developer.
    Your thoughts are very much appreciated!

    If submitting a bug report, be sure to include as much detail as possible. For example, if you have an issue with the scraper, make sure to include the exact rom filename, settings used, what you expected to match and what (if any) match you got instea

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  • 2. Are there any known issues with Arc Browser?

    There are issues starting games using the PPSSPP emulator. When pressing Play, you'll often just end up on the main PPSSPP screen, where you have to select the game again to play it. This is an issue with PPSSPP, not with Arc Browser.

    You cannot install Arc Browser on adopted storage. This is due to an Android bug.

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  • 3. What is Arc Browser?

    Arc Browser is an Android front end for launching emulated games via their installed emulator.  It also performs media "scraping" of metadata like box art, title, category and more automatically with the ability to manually override the default scrapings.

    It follows Android TV UI conventions and is highly customizable.

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  • 4. What platforms does Arc Browser emulate?

    Arc Browser is not an emulator; rather it launches emulators you already have installed on your Android device.  Arc Browser puts the emulation platforms in one place along with the games - providing metadata like screenshots and categories so you can have one application satisfying your every emulation need.

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  • 5. Arc Browser doesn't support {emulator x}. How can I get support added?

    Arc Browser is modular in design so it can accommodate an unlimited number of emulators.  To get a platform emulator supported, please contact the developer with the name of the emulator you would like to see added.  If there are multiple versions of the emulator (paid, free, etc.) be sure to include which one you would like to see added.

    There is no guarantee the emulator will be added.  Some emulators do not have the capability of being launched externally by something like Arc Browser.  But all submissions will be considered.

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  • 6. Arc Browser cannot find metadata for one of my games. How can I add it?

    Arc Browser gets metadata from - an online database of games.  The best way to get metadata into Arc Browser is to go to TheGamesDB and add/update the game yourself!  As soon as the information is in TheGamesDB - Arc Browser will recognize and pick it up.  You will have to either do a full re-scrape or do a "fix" (click Tools from the game details popup) so Arc Browser picks up the new data.

    You can also override the boxart and background screen with your own files if you don't like the ones TheGamesDB provided.

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  • 7. Can the empty category icons for each platform be replaced with images?

    Yes! See Arc Browser Artwork Customization for details.

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  • 8. I don't like the box art/backgrounds selected for a game. Can I change them?

    Yes! See Arc Browser Artwork Customization for details.

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  • 9. How can I get more games to be recognized automatically by the scraping system?

    Your games should be named as close as possible to the original game name. There are however multiple settings that you can use to fine-tune the scraping process. For example, converting ", The" in a filename to "The " and ignoring text withing parenthesis and brackets. If a match cannot be found, it will also try to replace any instances of " - " in the filename with ": " automatically.

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