Arc Browser General Information

Welcome to Arc Browser

Arc Browser is an Android app that acts as a “front end” or interface to your favorite Android emulators and the games they play.  It glamorizes your favorite game collection by automatically downloading game assets like box art and backgrounds – even sorting the games by categories for quick access.

Using gorgeous navigation native to Android TV along with Android controllers, Arc Browser offers super easy access to all your emulators in a single place.  Anyone in the family can use it.

It is fully customizable too; allowing the die hard emulation buff to customize the artwork to their liking.  It’s simple but still feature rich.

What you’ll like most is how fast and easy it is to set up and get going – especially if you already have your favorite emulators installed.

Arc Browser is available from the Google Play Store on your Android device. You can also remotely install it from your web browser:
Get it on Google Play

How It Works

Arc Browser uses special profiles tailored specifically for your favorite emulators.  There is very little to set up – Arc Browser does all the hard work.

The advanced scraping tool does the heavy lifting – matching your games to a huge online database, grabbing titles and artwork along the way.

The combination of these emulator profiles and scraping techniques make Arc Browser simple to set up and easy to use.

Where to Get Help

Great news – You’re already here!  NVidia Shield Zone is dedicated to helping you get Arc Browser up and running on your Android device.  We offer tutorials, videos, FAQs and even email assistance to get you up and running.

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