Arc Browser Artwork Customization

Artwork Customization

Box art and Backgrounds

Box art and background images are automatically downloaded where available when scraping. If you want to override this (maybe you don’t like the downloaded images, or no images are automatically available) you can place your own in the same directory as the roms. They should be named as follows:

Boxart (front): [rom filename without extension]_box.png
Boxart (rear): [rom filename without extension]_boxback.png
Background: [rom filename without extension]_background.png

For example, the background image for a rom named “Duck Hunt.smc” should be named “Duck Hunt_background.png”.

To customize the box art and background images for the Android system, see Arc Browser Themes.

Genre/category images

By default, the buttons for genres/categories on the main screen have different colored backgrounds. If you want, you can override these with images of your own, on a per-system basis. To do this, simply place images named “genre_[genre].png” in your rom directory/directories. Replace [genre] with the exact lowercase name of the genre. For example, the image for “Action” should be named “genre_action.png”. To override the All Games image, the custom image should be named “genre_all.png”. The images should have an aspect ratio of 4:3 and be at least 400×300 pixels in size (preferably 800×600 if it should look crisp in 4k).

Here at NSZ, we offer GenrePacks.  These are pre-made sets of these images created specifically for each platform.  Each pack contains a “core” 14 common genres and an image for “all”.  You can use these as is or use them as a basis for your own set! You can make your own (check out this tutorial) or download some of ours.  We would love to see yours!

Grid view image

The default grid view image (visible in Classic mode only) can also be overridden on a per-system basis. To do this, place an image called grid_view.png in your rom directory. The image can have any aspect ratio, but will be scaled to a maximum of 350×350 pixels on a 1080p screen (700×700 pixels on a 4k screen). The default image is 400×300 pixels.


Apart from all of the above, you can also specify a theme directory to further change the look and feel of the app. See Arc Browser Themes for more information.