New Tutorial: Root Shield TV Pro (500GB)

Sorry for the absence. Life .. uh .uh … doesn’t always find a way…

I prefer the 500GB Pro edition, so it is always the one that goes first. Oddly enough, this is the FIRST time in a long time that the files you need to root are TOTALLY IDENTICAL across Shield TV 16GB, 500GB and 2017 edition.

Unfortunately, each tutorial has some variations as to how to PREPARE for rooting, so I still have to keep them separate.

If you have already unlocked your bootloader, are comfortable with the process – the ROOT process for the Pro is pretty much identical. I tested on the 2017 edition too. While I haven’t actually rooted the 16GB (2015 model) it is always in parity with the Pro version regarding the root process itself.

I’ll add the other two tutorials later this weekend.

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