Shield TV (2017 16GB) Update to 7.2.3

We are aware that the Shield TV (2017 16GB) 7.2.3 OTA (over the air) updates may not install when using a Magisk-patched bootloader from our tutorials. During the upgrade process, the progress bar will hang under the “a” in “Upgrading”.

Unplug the Shield TV and plug it back in.

Once rebooted, go to Settings, Developer options, scroll to the very bottom and turn on Provide full system upgrades. Restart the Shield TV.

The go to Settings, About, System upgrade and Check for Upgrade. This time, instead of downloading a “differential” (smaller) update – it will download a full update (over 1GB). Install this full update and it will “restore” your bootloader as part of the upgrade process and you will be updated to 7.2.3.

You will lose root.

Repeat our tutorial using the appropriate Magisk-patched bootloader that corresponds to the version you just installed (e.g. 7.2.3). Magisk Manager should still be there this time – so you can skip that step. You will not lose data as part of this process.

In the future, OTAs should always download as “full” and you can take them normally – losing root in the process. You’ll need to either patch your own bootloaders or wait for our update.

Note: We believe the Shield TV (2015 16GB and Pro) editions will take the OTA update without issue – but you will lose root. You can simply re-apply the tutorial as is to get root back. Update: Verified this on the Pro. Enjoy.

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