Changes coming to NSZ

Just a heads up …

With Shield TV firmly in Android TV Oreo (Shield TV v7.x) – I think it is time to start removing some overhead from the site. That means I’ll be removing Android Marshmallow and Nougat from the Android TV tutorial line – along with all support files currently being housed. If you are looking to keep any of this information, you may want to archive it off now.

With the latest versions of WordPress, the page editor has been changed to Gutenberg; an interesting visual editor with a lot of features.

The tutorials and content generated here are very much custom CSS, hacked together plugins and theme stuff to render the results I wanted.

Gutenberg can handle a lot of this – but the content has to be converted which takes a good deal of time. The alternative is to edit everything painstakingly by hand going forward. I’d rather update it and get it clean.

That being said; over the course of the next few weeks, along with the purging of quite old data/downloads I’ll be moving the pages to this new format – so things are going to change a bit and there may be periods of unavailability. I’ll do my best to let the high traffic tutorials cool off a bit from the OTAs before doing those – and will start picking the low hanging fruit.

Thanks for all the support and donations. They all help.

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