Current Status of 7.2.x and Root

Right now, there is no working TWRP build that works after update 7.2.x. Without TWRP, there is no way to use SuperSU to root the Shield TV.

Due to the open source nature of the operating system, NVidia LEGALLY has to release the source code of the bootloader – which will enable the TWRP developers to modify TWRP to work – and we can return to using SuperSU.

At this time – it is not possible. Rolling back to 7.1 can be tricky – and we’re going to wait until the dust clears to update the tutorials on rolling back.

If you need root right now you have two choices:

  • Roll back to 7.1 and root using our tutorials.
  • Change to using Magisk as an option for gaining root access. This requires a specially patched bootloader and a level of effort that we are not going to undertake here unless we have no choice.

If you want to give Magisk a try – check out this XDA thread.

Once TWRP has been patched to work, we’ll update all the tutorials appropriately and update the rollback to stock tutorials as well.

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  1. Kasi Modo says:

    Hello. Thank you for your hard work and time. Any news about possibility to root shield tv 2017 v7.2.2? Is TWRP OK now? Cause I didn’t see any date on the root tutorial. TIA

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