Warning About Custom ROMs/Rollbacks

I have received enough emails requesting help trying to restore your NVidia Shield TV from a bricked status that I felt compelled to post something on the front page.

While we encourage users to tinker and root their NVidia devices to unlock capabilities, it has always been NVidiaShieldZone.com’s policy that we do not encourage or provide assistance with failures of hardware due to the practice of installing custom Android ROMs or rolling back major releases of Android TV.

This is due to the high number of correspondence we receive regarding failures and subsequent issues related to these practices. Neither Google nor NVidia condone the practices of attempting to rollback a MAJOR release of Android TV back to another MAJOR release despite the ability to return ” to the first release of a major build (say, 7.0 from 7.x) as we offer in our Stock Recovery tutorials.

That being said, many of you have reached out to us for help and we’ve done whatever we can to assist.  Some of you have successfully recovered your Shield TV; but many of you have not.  People appear to really dislike the latest version of Android TV and want to go back.  Some people over at XDA have done it successfully – but it breaks my heart when I get your emails telling me about a permanently bricked Shield TV.

In many of our tutorials and FAQs, we mention that it is nearly impossible to permanently brick a Shield TV by following our tutorials.  I maintain this to be true.  We rigorously test our tutorials every single time an update comes out – adjusting process, versions of utilities, etc. as necessary to ensure a successful evolution.  We stand by our work.

Please reconsider custom ROMs or attempting to roll back your Shield TV.

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