Rolling back Shield TV

I’ve been receiving enough emails to warrant a post on the topic of rolling Shield TV back from version x to version x-1.  That is, rolling Oreo back to Nougat.

The bottom line folks; you can’t roll back major versions.  Let me clarify that to our knowledge, you cannot roll back major versions.  I have consulted with my connections at NVidia and they tell me the same thing.  I do not know if this is NVidia or Google that makes these choices (NVidia says it is Google) but I have never successfully rolled back, nor have I had a single user write me back saying they figured out a way to do it either.

If you have successfully rolled Oreo back to Nougat – please notify me.

2 Responses to Rolling back Shield TV

  1. Adam Weeks says:

    It appears to be possible. Instructions are on XDA forums.

    • administrator says:

      I’m glad people have the option. I’m sure NVidia wouldn’t mess with you if you messed something up – and while they haven’t outright said they would deny warranty requests; I’ve been told this is not an approved process.

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