Shield TV Oreo OTA has officially resumed …

For those that did manual updates to Oreo, you will still receive an OTA for 7.0.2 and it is ok to install.

You will lose root – but we have confirmed our tutorials will regain your access without issue.

Welcome to Oreo!

2 Responses to Shield TV Oreo OTA has officially resumed …

  1. Joe Espinoza says:


    Do you think there’s a way that someone can make some sort of an install package so that we can update our rooted 7.0 Oreo NVIDIA Shield TV devices, with this new v.7.0.2 update and still stay rooted?

    That way, we don’t have to unhook our NVIDIA Shield from our Media Centers, and can just remotely upload the package and then install it as a side-loaded app?



    • administrator says:

      The way to do that typically is to use the DEVELOPER images. They are pre-rooted (I’m told; I’ve never used them because they don’t OTA – you have to update them manually)..

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