Shield TV 2017 Oreo Root Tutorial Ready

This is a pretty simple clone of the Nougat tutorial with the new SuperSU required to work with Oreo.

Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV 2017 (Oreo)

If you find any issues, please let us know.  2015 and Pro versions coming after we test the Oreo release on them.

9 Responses to Shield TV 2017 Oreo Root Tutorial Ready

  1. Roberto J. Mooneyhan says:

    Can I use this root-tutotial on a FOSTER 500GB model?

  2. My Nvidia Shield TV says:

    I’ve rooted Shield 2015 16gb with no problems everything is working just wanted to let people know.

  3. i’m having problems with TWRP under Oreo.
    It was fine before but every time i boot (fastboot boot twrp.img) from it now i get a soft brick / boot loop.
    I had it installed before the update. (fastboot flash boot twrp.img)
    I installed it after the update and it caused hard brick (i had to RMA)
    I got my new unit back today….. And soft bricked it in under 5 min’s

    As far as i can tell TWRP will not work with 7.0.1 or 7.0.2

    I need me some ROOT just to get a remote that works before i can even use it.

  4. Dennis H says:

    I am successfully rooted…. Thanks!
    Are there any articles on how to block future updates? …. TIA.

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