Shield TV Pro (500GB) Update Compatible with Tutorials

The latest 6.3 update is fully compatible with our rooting tutorials – and the OTA does not require an unrooting or return to stock recovery.

I’ll be testing Shield TV (2015) and Shield TV (2017) soon, but I don’t expect any issues.

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  1. Kim Rene Mossige says:

    Could you help me out? I am not able to update via OTA.. It seems to update successfully, but when the nVidia (500gb) starts again, it asks to update again.. It does so forever and ever.. I read somewhere that factory reset does not help on this issue, and the forum did not have any fix either.. I don’t know what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated..

    I tried connecting to ADB and run “fastboot flash system system.img” I found on a forum, but all I get is “waiting for device”. Any idea here?

    • administrator says:

      Right, this is because the OTA they send over isn’t a “FULL” OTA, it is a differential OTA (about 700MB right?). This happens on 6.2, but NOT on 6.3. Every single update that it fails on, I tell them that they need to fix it.

      Are you rooted? I would say your best bet is to get the FULL OTA 6.3 and install it over the top. I wish I’d offloaded it when I downloaded it. I usually do.

      There IS a full 6.2 recovery for 500GB. Let me try it out on mine, see if it works to get the full 6.3 down proper.

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