Shield TV (2017) Root Tutorial Confirmed Under 6.3

Just a quick note that the OTA 6.3 is fully rootable with our tutorial.  You will lose root when taking the OTA, but you will not need to return to stock.

3 Responses to Shield TV (2017) Root Tutorial Confirmed Under 6.3

  1. rod jackson says:

    I have a Shield TV 2017 on 6.3 Exp Android 7.0, using Windows 10 I have all drivers properly installed. But fails when I type fastboot oem unlock. Any Suggestions?

    • administrator says:

      Fastboot drivers are not the same as ADB drivers. Did you check your Device Manager after you rebooted to Fastboot? Contact me directly if you still run into issues.

  2. Mortal_ Soul says:

    I had the same situation. I had to format Nvidia Shield then root it.

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