NVIDIA Shield Android TV SHIELD Experience 6.1 Upgrade Available Now

Note: We have tried our root tutorials on Shield TV (16GB 2017) and Shield TV Pro (500GB) and they both work just fine on 6.1.  Accept the OTA update, re-root with our tutorials.

Thank you NVidia, for getting Shield TV Pro OTA working right the first time!  We love ya!

What’s New:

  • YouTube TV (subscribers get their own app)
  • SmartThinks Link – Control hundreds of smart devices
  • Google Assistant now has Hulu, Uber, Target and more support
  • Android Monthly Fixes – patches KRACK exploit
  • Added TV on/off over IR for Shield Remote (tap Home + Back)
  • Improved Logitech Harmony Hub over Bluetooth

2 Responses to NVIDIA Shield Android TV SHIELD Experience 6.1 Upgrade Available Now

  1. Nick says:

    I have the Shield TV 16 GB 2017 and was able to root fine the previous two updates, but after this update, I no longer see a device when typing fastboot devices. I tried two different lab tops and as I said before this hasn’t been an issue in the past. I can’t recall, am I supposed to see both adb device and fastboot device in device manager? I see adb device, but not fastboot. Am I truly the only one having an issue with this update? Thank you for any insight you can provide.

  2. Nick says:

    Ok, finally got it to work. The behavior of my laptop was different than all the other times. If I waited long enough while booted into recovery eventually in device manager the fastboot device would show up with the exclamation point. Updated drivers and I was on my way. So either I was just lucky my first few times rooting this device, or the update made things change slightly… either way, I’m rooted now. Thank you

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