Shield TV Pro (500GB) Experience 6.0 Upgrade Solution!

Thanks to user “Aah Beh”, we have a working OTA upgrade file for the Shield Android TV Pro (500GB).

You only need this if:

  • You have a Shield TV Pro (500GB)
  • You cannot successfully update to Experience 6.0.

The file below should be installed via TWRP in the EXACT same manner you would install SuperSU; either via TWRP->Install or TWRP->Advanced->ADB Sideload.  You can refer to Step 3 of Tutorial: Root Shield Android TV Pro (Nougat) but use the ZIP you download below instead of SuperSU.

NVidia Shield TV V6.0 OTA (500GB) (1557 downloads)

One Response to Shield TV Pro (500GB) Experience 6.0 Upgrade Solution!

  1. Is the “OTA 6.0 file” supposed to be used and renamed as the twrp or do we use the file in the tutorial preparation procedure as the twrp?
    Just asking because I tried to use the twrp in the prep procedure and on the black DOS box it stated:
    downloading ‘boot.img’…
    FAILED (command write failed (Unknown error))

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