NVIDIA Shield Android TV SHIELD Experience 6.0 Upgrade Available Now

NOTE: Our rooting tutorials and files appear to continue to work fine with this upgrade.  You do NOT need to de-root; just accept the update.  You will lose root.  You will need to reapply it again with our tutorials.

NOTE: Shield TV Pro (500GB) update is failing for us.  The filesize of the update is only a few hundred megs – where the Shield TV 16GB appears to be 1.2GB.  We have notified our contacts at Nvidia. NVIDIA has acknowledged the issue and is working on it.  Still not working as of 10/2/2017 10:51pm PDT.

The same Google Assistant on Google Home device is now on SHIELD!  See more info below.

Other Features/Fixes in Experience 6.0:

  • Vudu adds Voice Search and Updated Interface.
  • 360 Degree Videos in YouTube
  • YouTube Kids App
  • Updates to Amazon Video App (navigation improvements, improvements to A/V sync and 4k Stream startup)
  • New apps available: TBS, TNT and Tablo Engine
  • Latest Monthly Android Updates
  • Ability to stream DTS-HD Master Audio to older DTS-capable receivers
  • Option to power on your TV and receiver using both CEC and IR simultaneously
  • New setting for accessories to enable disable double tap of volume slider to pause
  • Shield remote upgrade to firmware 1.15
  • Shield remote with headphone jack upgrade to firmware 1.16
  • Shield controller upgrade to firmware 1.14

More about Google Assistant …

Of course, you might think that Streaming Media players already support search so why do you care?

Google Assistant is a lot smarter and feature rich. It transforms your TV experience. You can find content or ask Google Assistant to give you recommendations. You can control your media with voice without need for finding your remote – “OK Google, Pause.” You can even now use your streamer to book a restaurant reservation, get an Uber or order your favorite Pizza from Dominos. Google Assistant also connects Android users to their Google connected life on TV. You can ask SHIELD to show you your pictures of Egypt or ask when your next meeting is, and you will get the visual response on TV. Finally, you can even now use SHIELD to control your other Google Assistant devices like your Chromecast Speakers or Google Home device!

The same Google Assistant on Google Home device is now on SHIELD!
The Google Assistant experience on SHIELD has also been optimized for your TV experience. Ask for popular movies, and see movie “cards” on screen to help you see the answer. Ask who plays in Game of Thrones and see pictures of the cast on screen. Google Assistant on SHIELD TV even gives you suggestion chips on screen to provide suggested follow up questions to ask. If you want to access your Google Assistant in your living room, we think your best experience would be on SHIELD.

The same Google Assistant on Google Home device is now on SHIELD!
With the SHIELD Experience 6.0 Upgrade, SHIELD TV also becomes the world’s first completely hands-free streaming device. As long as the new SHIELD controller is nearby, you can say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” to control your TV and your home without picking up a remote. Google Assistant is at your command, hands-free. Think about it. You don’t have to get off the couch or walk to your media chest to pick up your remote – you can just say “OK, Google” and start watching TV!

The same Google Assistant on Google Home device is now on SHIELD!
Together, Google Assistant and SHIELD let you accomplish all kinds of actions. Here are a few fun things to try. Just say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” and issue the following commands:

  • “Show me popular Netflix shows”
  • “Watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix”
  • “Dim the living room lights in the Baby’s Room”
  • “Hey Google, play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the Baby’s Room”
  • “Who is the Mother of Dragons”
  • “Show me my pictures from Egypt”
  • “Open my Nest camera”
  • “Play Katy Perry’s Dark Horse on YouTube”
  • “What are Oscar Nominated Movies with Tom Hanks”
  • “Talk to Domino’s to order a Pizza”
  • “Who won the Royals Yankees game?”
  • “Book a reservation at Alexander’s Steakhouse”
  • “Order an Uber”
  • “Play Lullaby in Baby’s Room” (Assumes you have Google Home or Chromecast Speaker in Baby’s Room)

The same Google Assistant on Google Home device is now on SHIELD!
So there you have it. Fire up that SHIELD, and start playing around with Google Assistant.

11 Responses to NVIDIA Shield Android TV SHIELD Experience 6.0 Upgrade Available Now

  1. Hi.

    Can you please tell me how I can access the YouTube kids app?


  2. Aah Beh says:

    Dear administrator, sadly I had no chance to find a contact form or an meail to write you personaly.

    I request an update at geforce board and here is the zip file from my device:
    < >

    PLS delete this post when you copy the link above. Perhaps this 1.2GB Update file contains my serial or something, bc of this I dont want to post it public.

    Greetings by ZoZo

  3. Aah Beh says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention it is for the 2015-shieldTV-Pro-500GB edition.

  4. I cannot install this update. It says “download and install”, and I do that. It then downloads and says “reboot to install” or similar. I do that. It reboots, shows an upgrade screen with a progress bar. Goes to about 1/3, then reboots. Then says “upgrade to 6.0” again .. over and over.

    Anyone else have this issue? Seems people did with 5.2, and somewhere in the 65 pages thread on nvidia forums someone had it, but found no answer..

    I am rooted, on a 2015 16gb shield tv.

    • administrator says:

      You may have to “sideload” the OTA file. I kinda stopped carrying them because we didn’t really need them anymore.

      Email me directly at darkuni@gmail.com – I’ll try to help.

      • Thanks for replying, but “solved” it now!

        I tried installing the 6.1 update earlier today, and that seems to have worked. Root was lost, which is a good indication. 🙂

        I assume everything from 6.0 is in there too, so all is well now.

        But, if you have the time ofc, you could post a tutorial on how to sideload an update if it happens to someone else.

        I suppose it is something like “hit download update on shield, wait for download to complete, go to /data/data/com.nvidia.ota/app_download and copy PUBLIC…zip to /sdcard then flash using flashfire”?

  5. I Have an original shield 16GB which I have rooted using your method and instructions, however can get the Experience 6.0 update to complete, it downloads the file and check ok, restarts and starts to install the experience 6.0 then restarts once more. update not completed and asks to run software up date again.
    Have an external USB Hard drive set to internal storage have tried running the upgrade with drive connected and disconnected.
    Any help would be appreicated, Should I use your Tutorial to go back (de-root) and then try again ?

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