Shield TV 5.2 Update Now Available

Watch and Record Live TV with Plex

Now with SHIELD TV and a Plex Pass, cord cutters can watch and record over-the-air broadcast TV on SHIELD in up to 1080 resolution with 5.1 surround sound.

SHIELD with Plex is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one DVR solution. With this release, SHIELD becomes:

  1. The first streaming media player to support Plex Live TV
  2. Only streaming media player able to browse and record shows from a beautiful, “10 foot” user interface

And since SHIELD is the industry’s only all-in-one Plex client and server device, you can DVR directly to SHIELD and then stream these shows to any device, anywhere in the world, all with a fraction of the power consumption and cost of other media server options.

Write to Network Storage (NAS)

SHIELD now supports write to Network Storage, allowing customers to Record TV shows and movies directly to their network attached storage (NAS) via Plex. SHIELD owners can continue to write to local storage, adopted storage and external storage drives.

Connect a USB Tuner for Plex Live TV

USB tuners are now supported on SHIELD TV – including support for the dual WinTV USB tuner from Hauppauge.

Best for 4K

Since the last software upgrade, SHIELD TV has added new 4K enhancements including:

  1. Google Play Movies in 4K
  2. Google Cast in up to 4K 60 frames-per-second with 5.1 surround sound

Other updates in this release include network storage directory and connectivity enhancements, Wi-Fi performance improvements, and experience enhancements for SHIELD remote and SHIELD controller.

9 Responses to Shield TV 5.2 Update Now Available

  1. First I didn’t get any support on how to “root” my Pro Shield from NVidia, then come to find out, I didn’t really need to root my Shield at all for what I needed to do, now my Shield won’t update without completely wiping it’s content. They really dropped the ball on this one…THANKS SHIELD.

    • administrator says:

      You can use the latest stock recovery. That will NOT wipe your user partition (not anymore). Use the 5.2 stock recovery. I’ll have it up shortly.

      • Will the 5.2 stock recovery upgrade a rooted 2015 shield from 5.1 without wiping the device. I know i will then have to re-root. A tutorial of this method if it can be used would be advantageous to everyone on here who has a rooted 5.1 and cannot do the OTA.

  2. Can you please make a tutorial about how to go back to the stack image for rooted shield tv. I want to upgrade but I dont now how. You have Halle me to root my shield TV so I hope that you will halpe me to un rooted for the new upgrade. I will be so gratfull for you please😇😇. Thanks.

  3. Chris Wilson says:

    I have two Shield TV 2015 16 Gb boxes that were rooted before using instructions from here.

    On both boxes – the 5.2 upgrade doesn’t actually install. As mentioned it downloads, reboots, says upgrading, reboots then prompts to install again.

    I tried installing the 5.2 Stock Recovery via fastboot – and in the process it seems I have bricked the device. When I press the on button – green light comes on for a second then powers off immediately.

    I have a ticket with Nvidia going – but it’s over a year old so they may not accept the return.

    I don’t want to even start the stock recovery process on the other box is the same thing is going to happen.

    Only thing I can think of is I used the 5.2 recovery file instead of the 5.1.

    Any advice?

  4. I have my account mixed up – can you delete both my comments above please?

    Sorry for confusion.

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