Rooted Shield TV (2017) 5.1->5.2 Potential Issues

Here at the Zone, our rooted Shield TV (2017) “update looped” while trying to install the newly released 5.2 update.

Most OTAs have installed fine over our rooted install – but this time during the second part of the update (the screen with the Upgrading Experience) the unit would simply reboot – failing to update.  You would then be asked to update again.

We tried many methods to work through this.  Our solution is to do a stock recovery of the full 5.1 recovery image.  Once this was complete, 5.2 was able to install again – requiring rerooting of course.

We will update our Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Shield TV 2017) to 5.1 (there are some changes from 5.01).

Note:  We tested our unrooted Shield TV (2015) and Shield TV Pro – both updated fine.


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  1. mazi xoom says:

    Same problem with rooted Nvidia Shield 2015 16GB.
    Update didn’t go through, TWRP reports error E3001.

    Didn’t resort to flashing 5.1 again and then the update, because Nvidia is usually punctual with their releasing of the factory images after every update.

  2. Is this only an issue with a rooted 2017 or does it also apply to a rooted 2015. Does this also occur if you unroot the shield before doing the upgrade?

  3. Chris Wilson says:

    I had this issue with a 2015 16 gb unit. When I tried to install 5.2 Stock – it bricked. Unit is on the way to NVidia right now on an RMA.

    I did use the correct image from the website.

    If you have the boot loop image – I would suggest wiping, install 5.1 stock, then upgrade.

    Alternatively – use the chainfire app referenced in this thread.

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