Shield Tablet/K1 receive OTA 5.1 Upgrade

NVidia continues to support our favorite tablets by releasing a new OTA update.

This is mostly a maintenance release.

Rooted users can accept the OTA without unrooting first. ¬†You’ll have to re-root after the OTA completes.

2 Responses to Shield Tablet/K1 receive OTA 5.1 Upgrade

  1. Hello, I already allowed my tablet to upgrade to this without really thinking it through and it removed the root as you described above. Is there a way to re-root it without losing all my data again or am I screwed on that front?

    • since writing this post I gambled that following to tutorial and skipping the part about unlocking the device (as it was already done in the past) would not erase my data and it worked! thanks sorry if my question was dumb in the first place XD I am quite new to the rooting and inner working of android devices.

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