Site Updates

As promised, most of the Shield Tablet K1 tutorials are in the process of getting refreshed. I’ve added some tips and help boxes within them so hopefully they stand out more.

I’ve also been retesting the tutorials with my own Shield devices to ensure they are still accurate. As such, I may be culling some comments from various tutorials – since a lot of the discussion may no longer apply. Please understand I am not censoring or removing anything maliciously.

We do have the OTA 1.5 FULL update for Shield Tablet K1 now, so our tutorial to update without losing root will be refreshed soon to reflect that.

It is also worth noting that the Restore to Stock K1 tutorial is no longer “destructive” as it no longer wipes the USER partition.

I plan to add some nice screens, photos, etc. to the K1 tutorials to finish them off, then I’ll move to Shield Android TV then to Shield Tablet (OG) and finally Shield Portable.

Thanks for visiting!

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