Back in the saddle …

Hello everyone!

Yes, we’ve been away from the keyboard for a little while; sometimes life gets in the way of running a hobby website – but we’ll be catching up on comments and news as well as hopefully getting more time in the chat channel.

Over the holidays when there is down time from real life, we’re going to revamp the website a little bit. This will include some look and feel changes but nothing drastic. The main goal is to go over all the tutorials and make them cleaner, easier to read and hopefully improve the content with more photos and videos. For the power visitors, we’ll open up a download area so you can easily get access to not just the latest important files, but also easier access to the OLDER stuff for those looking to roll back.

Along with the continuation of news regurgitation (been slow lately), we would like to start expanding the site to include a lot more original content, more diverse tutorials and reviews. This will come when the site gets its visual overhaul.

Meanwhile – what else are we missing? What would YOU like to see here?

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be getting back to your questions, comments, etc. ┬áPlease be patient.

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