Pinball Arcade now playable (more or less) on Shield Android TV

One of the VERY absent titles supporting Shield Android TV has been one of my favorite games on the Android platform; Pinball Arcade.

With today’s build, most UI elements are properly mapped to the controller!  There are a few UI glitches here and there – and some initial set up items you may need a mouse for.  But, once you have it set up?  You can use the controller 99%.  The holdout features are “table specific” features like Magna-Save.  They don’t appear to be mapped yet.

Still, for dozens of tables you can unleash the power of Shield Android TV and play pinball on your big screen.

Note: You’ll need to side load it.  You can directly download the APK here (it is safe – we’re hosting it).  You can also install it on your own Android device and export the APK and sideload yourself using our tutorial below:

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