Plex Pass holders; Shield TV now supports PlexDVR Beta!

If you’re a loyal Plex Pass holder (lifetime member here) and you have a Shield TV (along with a compatible tuner such as a HDHOMERUN Connect) you can now record TV directly to your Shield TV and playback through the Plex Media Server.  Amazing!

From Plex Team:

We have also expanded the DVR beta to NVIDIA SHIELD! If you run your Plex Media Server on your SHIELD, now you can record all your content directly to the device, expand your TV library, and stream it to all of your other devices.

Learn more by visiting the PlexDVR site.  If you’re ready to take the plunge now?  Go straight to the Download Page and get PlexDVR on Shield TV now!  Note: Download Page requires Plex Pass user sign in.

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