Yes, you can use your Wii U Pro controller on Shield TV!

For $20, you can get an adapter that will let you use the amazingly solid (and great battery life) Wii U Pro controller wirelessly with your Shield Android TV!  Let me show you how… Or buy it now.

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  1. Hi Shane, and thank you for the WII U Pro Controller Adapter review.
    I’m thinking about a replacement of the original Shield Controller which
    doesn’t work if the HDMI output is set to 50 Hz. Before that, I’d like to know
    if the combination WII U Pro Controller + Mayflash USB receiver are working
    while the HDMI output is set to 50 Hz and if a long press on the WII U Pro Controllers Home button is able to call the recording menu, like on the original Nvidia controller.
    Could you please test these for me?


    • administrator says:

      I actually sent the adapter to a friend of mine to play with. I’ll ask him to check it.

      • Thank you very much Shane. I’ll wait for his answer. I forgot to mention that I’m using the controller together with a Nvidia Shield android TV – this is the one with the dead controller @50Hz HDMI output. So your friend will need to have a Shield TV too for a relevant test.


  2. Hi,

    it´s a great idea, but does it adapter support 4 controllers with nvdia shield tv ???, thanks

    Greeting, sorry for my english.

  3. What is a recommended app to get a regular Wii remote to work on the shield TV? It should work through Bluetooth without an adapter like sixaxis, right?

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