KODI dead on Android; Long Live SPMC!

While Kodi may not move forward on Android, the former Kodi Android maintainer Koying has forked the project and has dubbed it Semper Media Center.

Creative differences and directions has been cited by various sources as the reason for the split.  In his own blog/release page, Koying mentioned:

“After a long sleep, SPMC is back following (another) Team Kodi internal fighting 😉

As far as I’m concerned, Nvidia Shield has basically cornered the market, so is my main development device. More generally, Android TV devices, amlogic devices and Amazon FireTV might be getting some love ;)”

He’s just released a new version, 16.1.1, which in turn is based on Kodi 16.1. This version of SPMC adds a whole host of improvements, including Blu-Ray 3D ISO playback and HD Audio pass-through on select devices.

The fact that Android – and Shield specifically – has been targeted by a dedicated developer is fantastic news for us here at NVidia Shield Zone and should be great news for everyone in the Shield community.

Semper Media Center Blog | Google Play | Original Story at Android Police

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