NVidia Shield Zone has a chat room!

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4 Responses to NVidia Shield Zone has a chat room!

  1. Chad Brown says:

    Noticed the chat room is empty, did you give up on the idea?

  2. jerry_rodd says:

    Hey all,

    I am not a “real” gamer, poker and pinball. However, I was looking for a good but cheap tablet, headed to Lisa Gade’s site. Mobiletechreview, I love her long but features explained reviews. She did a video on what she personally uses when not testing. The K1 (older) model now $199 was her only Android tablet. Check, I will take one. However, decided to wait for the new one with X1 SoC.

    Next I needed a new 4k streamer, have all Roku 3s and happy with them. However, $129 for their new 4k sent me comparing. Enter the Shield TV. Only $70 more and wow, it is fantastic.

    I have wanted to learn how to play some of those cool games since I retired. I love to watch a pro on You Tube play them. So it might be time to try to learn. Especially since they are bundled in a 4k streamer I need anyway.

    So my question (stupid for sure) is, can I load my digital movie collection, family videos and photos and so forth on a large SSD 3.0 USB and access and watch on the Shield TV?

    Thanks and Be Well

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