New features, app and game announced for Shield Android TV!

Direct from NVidia …

New Shield Features / Android 6.0

Among the biggest enhancements Marshmallow brings is Adoptable Storage, which helps you super-size your storage capabilities. When adding an SD card, USB drive or external hard drive, SHIELD Android TV can recognize the new storage as internal memory.

We’re also enhancing the startup process. So there are even fewer steps you need to take before launching your favorite apps, movies, music and games.

Additionally, recent updates allow SHIELD Android TV owners to take control of the Recommendation Row and edit the apps that can push suggested content. They can also re-order apps and games in the download section — or allow them to appear in most recent order in which you’ve used them.

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New Shield App

UltraFlix, the world’s largest library of 4K content, is a streaming network that enables subscribers to choose from over 600 hours of pristine 4K Ultra HD Video on Demand. It joins a growing stable of media apps, including HBO NOW, HBO GO, Showtime and Twitch, among countless others.

New Shield Game

MGR_E32012_04Konami’s acclaimed video game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is coming to NVIDIA SHIELD; pushing the boundaries of graphics, style and lightning-speed gameplay on a media streaming device.

Starting this Thursday, Jan. 7, you can control the hero, Raiden, a former child soldier transformed into a half-man, half-machine cyborg ninja with a soul fueled by revenge.

A fantastic story set in the Metal Gear universe complements the hit game’s non-stop action. With cyborg technology now the norm, you’ll battle rival private military companies to subdue the war economy, stabilize regions, save lives and gain peace, all while leading a path for Raiden to resolve his troublesome past.

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  1. king pach says:

    Thanks for the info Shane was looking forward to this

  2. Chad Brown says:

    I’m a little worried about what it will do to the folder directories. On my LG G4, which just updated to 6.0, it restructured the folder directory for your external memory. This broke most of my apps that used the external storage and I had to reconfigure using the new folder structure.

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