Tutorial: Get Amazon Instant Watch on NVidia Shield

We all know there are a few key TV streaming services missing from NVidia’s Shield console; namely Amazon Prime’s Instant Watch app. We’ll show you how to install and run it.


  • NVidia Shield (16GB or Pro)
  • Option for allowing Unknown Sources to be on (Settings->Personal->Settings and Restrictions)
  • Amazon Prime Membership
  • A file manager installed (like AnExplorer)
  • Sideload Launcher installed (to access the files after installed)
  • A pointing device (mouse, etc. USB or bluetooth – doesn’t matter; the controller nor remote will do)
  • External device (flash drive, microSD, etc) with the two Amazon files on it (Download from Mega) or get them locally here and here.


  1. Insert the flash drive or microSD card the two Amazon files on it
  2. Turn on the Shield
  3. Launch AnExplorer
  4. Navigate to the flash drive and select com.amazon.avod.thirdpartyclient.apk
  5. Install, then click DONE.
  6. Select TAP_TO_INSTALL_AmazonApp_US.apk
  7. Install then launch.
  8. Log into Amazon
  9. Navigate to Amazon Prime Instant Watch
  10. Select video – enjoy!

[youtube id=i3GnpQ5223U]

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