How much is NVidia GRID worth in Steam US Dollars?

cropped-Image1.pngCurious what sort of value NVidia GRID’s streaming gaming service is worth if you were to buy all the games available for streaming on Steam?

So were we.  We built a page that will update GRID games and Steam prices regularly so you can see what the TRUE value of GRID is.

BTW, as of today?  Over $960.

2 Responses to How much is NVidia GRID worth in Steam US Dollars?

  1. n8dogg says:

    They should just charge one monthly fee instead of charging each game individually, I know they wanna make their money but come on, you gotta give gamers a break.. Well hopefully they don’t do it like that.

    • There will be a couple of different tiers from what I understand. You’ll have a basic, free tier of GRID streaming games. Then a monthly subscription “paid” tier. Finally, you’ll buy games themselves outright which allows you to stream the game from GRID (or in some cases it sounds like you can download and run locally) or use the included STEAM code to get the game on your PC and stream to your Shield from there.

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