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New FAQ, OTA imminent, reminder about ROOT …

Good morning everyone.

The OTA update for Shield TV OG to bring it to OS parity with the New Shield TV 2017 model is imminent.  Be on the look out!

With that, we want to remind everyone that as of the time of writing, there is no way to root a Shield TV running Android 7.x (aka Nougat).  Based on posts on XDA and elsewhere, we believe root IS just around the corner – but if you have daily needs on root access, you may want to hold off a few days.

Finally, we’ve started our FAQ section for Shield TV 2017 – so if you have any issues or growing pains, we may have some help for you there!

Long live Shield!

No OTA for awhile; but get Amazon Video NOW!

Everyone expected the Nougat OTA to drop by now, but I’m pretty sure we have at least a week or two before we see it.  Meanwhile – one of the most anticipated features is the new HD Amazon Video app.

As we all hoped, one of the lucky early adopters nicely ripped the app from the New Shield TV.  This allows for ALL features (HDR, UHD, HD, etc) of Amazon Video.

Couple of points:

  • Get the app from the Reddit thread, or direct Amazon Video (HD) (1708 downloads) from us
  • Install it then REBOOT – otherwise you may not see the HD
  • Sign in and watch some HD content you own or that is included with Prime (Rome Season 1, Episode 1 does the trick)
  • Apparently this does NOT work with IR remotes (Harmony, etc) but DOES work with controller and OG Shield Remote
  • As with any foreign APK from the internet, use with caution

We tried it out to verify it works – and it sure does.  Enjoy this taste of the future 🙂

Tutorial for Shield Android TV OTA 3.3 (without losing root) is updated!

The files are up and the tutorials are updated.

Shield Android TV OTA Update 3.3

SHIELD Software Upgrade 3.3

  • DTS:X Audio:  Experience immersive, lifelike audio with DTS:X pass-through in Plex, Kodi v17, and MX Player
  • Adds Dolby Atmos audio pass-through support in Plex
  • Delivers the latest monthly Android security updates
  • Adds support for Vulkan Conformance Test Suite

Tutorials and files will be available later tonight.

Shield Tablet K1 Software Upgrade 1.4

Update: We now have the full OTA 1.4 file available and our tutorial for updating a rooted 1.x Shield Tablet K1 has been updated.

A minor update for Shield Tablet K1 OTA 1.4 is now available.

  • Conformity with OpenGL ES 3.2
  • Additional optimizations to Android Doze
  • Fixed issue with intermittent Auto-Rotation shut downs
  • Fixed audio playback stutter when the display is off
  • Update to Android 6.0 Security Patch Level July 1, 2016
  • Overall stability and security improvements

We’ll have the offline OTA updater available shortly.

Plex Update for Android / Android TV

Plex for Android v4.28.0.196


  • [Android TV] Lots of tweaks to the application look and feel.
  • Display warning dialog when starting to play content through a relayed connection.
  • Audio playback can now be controlled with a single-button headset (1 press for ‘play/pause’, 2 for ‘next’, 3 for ‘previous’).
  • Tweaks to card titles and subtitles to make them more useful and also more consistent with other Plex clients.
  • Add support for remuxing HEVC video using Plex Media Server v1.0.0.0 and above.
  • New Audio Player design for mobile/tablet.
  • Small tweaks to mini-player appearance.
  • Always show ‘stop’ button in mini-player, regardless of orientation or screen size.


  • Multiple improvements on Locations picker.
  • Improve photo viewer zoom functionality.
  • Fix bug where the app could crash trying to play certain items.
  • Fix issue preventing seeking within some videos.
  • Storage permission no longer required for ‘Advanced > Privacy > Email device logs’ option.
  • Do a better job at dealing with problems querying if user owns Google Play in-app product.
  • Resolve issue preventing browsing of photo channels.
  • Now including 3gp files in ‘Videos’ section of local server.
  • Make Camera Upload more efficient.
  • Fix issue preventing browsing of photos from Hubs.
  • [Generic TV] Fix bug in where main menu would not open on Android N.
  • [Android TV] Fix for bug where global search would fail on Android 5 until app had been initialized.
  • [Android TV] Fix bug where the application could crash when opening or resuming the home screen.
  • [Android TV] Fix occasional crash when app resumed after having been in the background for a while.
  • [Android TV] Fix issue browsing channels where no results were displayed.
  • [Android TV] Hide current time display in Photo player.
  • [Android TV] Improve USB/Bluetooh keyboard handling when modifying text based preferences.
  • [SHIELD] Allow the Plex app to start even if Plex Media Server is disabled.
  • [SHIELD] Disable audio passthrough when headphones are connected to remote or controller.

Shield Portable gets OTA 110!

More details and tutorial updates tomorrow.  This is security and maintenance, guys.  No new features.  Sorry.

  • Updates SHIELD security to the latest Android Security Bulletins
  • Fixes a bug that causes the LED brightness level to reset after a system restart
  • Resolves instances of the audio volume fluctuating during video playback
  • Fixes a bug that could result in SHIELD becoming unresponsive after lid close and reopen
  • Resolves instances of the ‘Optimizing apps’ message appearing in error

For now, you can download the full OTA now and TWRP flash it over your rooted device.

This appears to be the INCREMENTAL OTA update – not the FULL one.  Therefore it cannot be flashed like a full OTA.  I cannot find a way to force the update to send me a full version – I’ve reached out to Nvidia for a full OTA.  In the meantime, I’ll leave the partial one here if someone needs it for some odd reason.

NVidia Shield Portable v110 OTA (479 downloads)

Guided tour of Shield Android TV OTA 3.2 including Plex Server setup

Here is a guided tour of setting up Samba file sharing and Plex Media Server on the Shield Android TV – showing off some new features of the just released OTA 3.2!

Tutorial: Update Rooted Shield TV from 3.x to 3.2 OTA

Here you go.  The tutorial has been updated to update your rooted Shield Android TV (16GB) from 3.x to 3.2.

Check it out now!

Note: Shield Pro (500GB) version will be ready in a couple hours.

Fresh OTA 3.2 update info from NVidia …

With today’s software update, NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV strengthens its position as the best streaming media player.

  • SHIELD delivers the best picture quality
    • SHIELD is the first and only streaming media player to support HDR (High Dynamic Range) in addition to 4K Ultra HD.
  • SHIELD provides the best search experience
    • Now with over 60 apps supporting universal search results – including favorites like Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, HULU, HBO, Spotify, Sling TV, Showtime, Plex, Google Play Movies & TV, and more – SHIELD is the most open streaming platform.
    • SHIELD supports natural language recognition plus search made for TV, all powered by Google Voice Search, the most popular and powerful search technology in the world.

Learn more about key features and new apps delivered with SHIELD’s most recent update: