Shield Holiday Game Sale is in full swing

Ready for some great gaming deals?  Whether you’re into streaming games or native Android titles, NVidia has you covered.

Which sale games do we play over here at NVidia Shield Zone?  Our recommendations:

Native Android: Pix the Cat, GoNNER, Chariot, Family Guy and Walking Dead Pinball

GeForce NOW: The Witcher 3 (we called it the best game in 20 years; we even made a music video), Sacred 3 and Dead Light.

Read scroll down to see what else is on offer.

Native Android Titles

GeForce NOW Buy and Play Instantly Titles

Link: NVidia

One Response to Shield Holiday Game Sale is in full swing

  1. digiray says:


    Mainly a 2 part question:

    1. Are these offers Region specific or they apply to ANY region that accesses GeforceNOW??

    2. How long are they available for??

    Don’t open my Shield ’till XMAS day and was wondering if I’ll still have time to purchase some of the interesting tittles..


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