2015 16GB and 2017 SKU Root Tutorials Are Done

Please report any issues you may find with these new tutorials.

New Tutorial: Root Shield TV Pro (500GB)

Sorry for the absence. Life .. uh .uh … doesn’t always find a way…

I prefer the 500GB Pro edition, so it is always the one that goes first. Oddly enough, this is the FIRST time in a long time that the files you need to root are TOTALLY IDENTICAL across Shield TV 16GB, 500GB and 2017 edition.

Unfortunately, each tutorial has some variations as to how to PREPARE for rooting, so I still have to keep them separate.

If you have already unlocked your bootloader, are comfortable with the process – the ROOT process for the Pro is pretty much identical. I tested on the 2017 edition too. While I haven’t actually rooted the 16GB (2015 model) it is always in parity with the Pro version regarding the root process itself.

I’ll add the other two tutorials later this weekend.

No Root Yet For 8.0

Just an update …

There is no root solution for Shield Experience 8.0 (aka Android Pie) yet.

This appears to be an issue with changes to the core system.

Magisk not work on Shield Android TV PIE because in PIE you don’t have ramdisk inside boot image. PIE have system_as_root partition layout. 

Hopefully we’ll have a solution soon.

At some point developer images will be available that will give a root scenario.

For those looking for immediate relief, it has been said on XDA that roll back to 7.x is possible – but it doesn’t sound super easy and it sounds destructive (factory reset required).

No ROOT Solution Yet

We know with every update that getting ROOT back is paramount.

At this point, we do not have a solution for Update 8. We’ll keep you up to date with any emergent information.

There is speculation that there is “active” blocking of ROOT with this iteration. Hopefully that isn’t true.

Shield Upgrade 8.0 is out!


With NVIDIA SHIELD TV, there’s always more to love. 

The latest software update — SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.0, out today — delivers the latest Android TV operating system and the latest Android security updates. SHIELD is the first Android TV device to upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie, bringing with it a redesigned settings menu and faster and easier setup for new users.

Upgrade 8.0 also delivers several enthusiast-level features. For HDR TV owners, a new feature called Match Content Color Space can automatically switch your display mode to deliver more accurate colors whether you are browsing the home screen or watching your favorite movie in HDR. 

Alongside today’s operating system upgrade, SHIELD users will start seeing live TV and a new UI from Hulu. The new Hulu app — which already offers access to thousands of shows, movies, and Hulu Originals — now offers Live TV with more than 60 top channels, including local sports and news. The update started today and will complete in the coming weeks, just in time before the college and pro football seasons kick off.

Some of the most popular apps on SHIELD have been upgraded. The latest Netflix update enabled sound quality that rivals professional recording studios in the form of Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound for audio up to 640 kbps. Stranger Things 3 never sounded so good!

Prime Video recently received a 4K cast upgrade, letting you cast your favorite Prime Video movies or TV shows from your phone to SHIELD in up to 4K resolution. And a recent update to Twitch includes a fully revamped UI, improved navigation and the ability to interact with your favorite streamer with an onscreen keyboard.

New apps on SHIELD include Bravo and E!, with FandangoNOW receiving a recent update. Get more information on the upgrade, including a complete list and updated apps.

No SHIELD update is complete without some great new games, like the newest version of one of our favorites — SiNKR2. This minimalist puzzle game evolved from the award-winning SiNKR, with all-new layouts. And there are now over 500 supported games available on GeForce NOW, with new titles added regularly.

So download and install this latest upgrade for your SHIELD. Or pick one up today. There’s lots to love. 

Updates Break Root!

If sustaining root is your primary concern, do not take any OTA updates until we are sure we can root them and have provided tutorials to do so.

Updating Magisk

After performing the rooting tutorials now using Magisk, you may get prompted in Magisk Manager to upgrade.

This appears to be safe (performed on Shield TV Pro (500GB) and Shield TV (16GB; 2017).

Upgrade Magisk Manager first, then upgrade Magisk itself.

You’ll be asked what METHOD to use. Use Direct Install (Recommended).

It should detect the existing patched boot image and update it.

If you have issues, let us know (especially if you were able to fix it).

Back Online

Well, we had some hosting issues. Site is popular enough to require an upgrade to the hosting package I was on; so the cost of running the site is a bit more now. However, the goal is to remain ad-free. We’ll accept your PayPal donations of course – and we thank those who have contributed already.

The move MAY have broken some stuff, so please report anything odd you run across.

Thank you.

Changes coming to NSZ

Just a heads up …

With Shield TV firmly in Android TV Oreo (Shield TV v7.x) – I think it is time to start removing some overhead from the site. That means I’ll be removing Android Marshmallow and Nougat from the Android TV tutorial line – along with all support files currently being housed. If you are looking to keep any of this information, you may want to archive it off now.

With the latest versions of WordPress, the page editor has been changed to Gutenberg; an interesting visual editor with a lot of features.

The tutorials and content generated here are very much custom CSS, hacked together plugins and theme stuff to render the results I wanted.

Gutenberg can handle a lot of this – but the content has to be converted which takes a good deal of time. The alternative is to edit everything painstakingly by hand going forward. I’d rather update it and get it clean.

That being said; over the course of the next few weeks, along with the purging of quite old data/downloads I’ll be moving the pages to this new format – so things are going to change a bit and there may be periods of unavailability. I’ll do my best to let the high traffic tutorials cool off a bit from the OTAs before doing those – and will start picking the low hanging fruit.

Thanks for all the support and donations. They all help.

Shield TV (2017 16GB) Update to 7.2.3

We are aware that the Shield TV (2017 16GB) 7.2.3 OTA (over the air) updates may not install when using a Magisk-patched bootloader from our tutorials. During the upgrade process, the progress bar will hang under the “a” in “Upgrading”.

Unplug the Shield TV and plug it back in.

Once rebooted, go to Settings, Developer options, scroll to the very bottom and turn on Provide full system upgrades. Restart the Shield TV.

The go to Settings, About, System upgrade and Check for Upgrade. This time, instead of downloading a “differential” (smaller) update – it will download a full update (over 1GB). Install this full update and it will “restore” your bootloader as part of the upgrade process and you will be updated to 7.2.3.

You will lose root.

Repeat our tutorial using the appropriate Magisk-patched bootloader that corresponds to the version you just installed (e.g. 7.2.3). Magisk Manager should still be there this time – so you can skip that step. You will not lose data as part of this process.

In the future, OTAs should always download as “full” and you can take them normally – losing root in the process. You’ll need to either patch your own bootloaders or wait for our update.

Note: We believe the Shield TV (2015 16GB and Pro) editions will take the OTA update without issue – but you will lose root. You can simply re-apply the tutorial as is to get root back. Update: Verified this on the Pro. Enjoy.