Updating Magisk

After performing the rooting tutorials now using Magisk, you may get prompted in Magisk Manager to upgrade.

This appears to be safe (performed on Shield TV Pro (500GB) and Shield TV (16GB; 2017).

Upgrade Magisk Manager first, then upgrade Magisk itself.

You’ll be asked what METHOD to use. Use Direct Install (Recommended).

It should detect the existing patched boot image and update it.

If you have issues, let us know (especially if you were able to fix it).

Back Online

Well, we had some hosting issues. Site is popular enough to require an upgrade to the hosting package I was on; so the cost of running the site is a bit more now. However, the goal is to remain ad-free. We’ll accept your PayPal donations of course – and we thank those who have contributed already.

The move MAY have broken some stuff, so please report anything odd you run across.

Thank you.

Changes coming to NSZ

Just a heads up …

With Shield TV firmly in Android TV Oreo (Shield TV v7.x) – I think it is time to start removing some overhead from the site. That means I’ll be removing Android Marshmallow and Nougat from the Android TV tutorial line – along with all support files currently being housed. If you are looking to keep any of this information, you may want to archive it off now.

With the latest versions of WordPress, the page editor has been changed to Gutenberg; an interesting visual editor with a lot of features.

The tutorials and content generated here are very much custom CSS, hacked together plugins and theme stuff to render the results I wanted.

Gutenberg can handle a lot of this – but the content has to be converted which takes a good deal of time. The alternative is to edit everything painstakingly by hand going forward. I’d rather update it and get it clean.

That being said; over the course of the next few weeks, along with the purging of quite old data/downloads I’ll be moving the pages to this new format – so things are going to change a bit and there may be periods of unavailability. I’ll do my best to let the high traffic tutorials cool off a bit from the OTAs before doing those – and will start picking the low hanging fruit.

Thanks for all the support and donations. They all help.

Shield TV (2017 16GB) Update to 7.2.3

We are aware that the Shield TV (2017 16GB) 7.2.3 OTA (over the air) updates may not install when using a Magisk-patched bootloader from our tutorials. During the upgrade process, the progress bar will hang under the “a” in “Upgrading”.

Unplug the Shield TV and plug it back in.

Once rebooted, go to Settings, Developer options, scroll to the very bottom and turn on Provide full system upgrades. Restart the Shield TV.

The go to Settings, About, System upgrade and Check for Upgrade. This time, instead of downloading a “differential” (smaller) update – it will download a full update (over 1GB). Install this full update and it will “restore” your bootloader as part of the upgrade process and you will be updated to 7.2.3.

You will lose root.

Repeat our tutorial using the appropriate Magisk-patched bootloader that corresponds to the version you just installed (e.g. 7.2.3). Magisk Manager should still be there this time – so you can skip that step. You will not lose data as part of this process.

In the future, OTAs should always download as “full” and you can take them normally – losing root in the process. You’ll need to either patch your own bootloaders or wait for our update.

Note: We believe the Shield TV (2015 16GB and Pro) editions will take the OTA update without issue – but you will lose root. You can simply re-apply the tutorial as is to get root back. Update: Verified this on the Pro. Enjoy.

Shield TV (16Gb; 2017) Root Tutorial Updated

As mentioned, we’ve moved to Magisk (vice SuperSU) for Shield TV rooting.

The 2017 version is a little bit different and required a change in process (using a patched boot image vice installing Magisk in a manner similar to SuperSU).

Please note that the patched boot image approach is not as “generic” as the TWRP approach – and any future update (even minor ones) could break the tutorial – as the boot loader may change with an OTA.

For now? We have a working root solution for you. As always with something new, your reports and issues are crucial to ensure we have everything dialed in for other users. Contact me directly at the link in the upper right sidebar instead of leaving comments. Thanks!

Shield TV (16GB; 2017) Return To Stock Tutorial Updated

To support the forthcoming tutorial update of Shield TV 2017’s root process, you’re likely going to have to do a Stock Recovery (no data loss).

I’ve updated the recovery image and verified the tutorial is good.

Tutorial: Restore to Stock Image (Shield TV 2017)

7.2.2 Magisk Bootloops Shield TV (2017) – Updated

If you’re considering trying Magisk on Shield TV using the experimental TWRP build provided in the Pro tutorial, I wouldn’t recommend doing so. My 2017 is currently boot looped.

EDIT: You must do a special patched boot image to make this work – but we do have a “shooting solution” for this. Give us a day or two to update the tutorial.

Later, we’ll do the Shield TV (16GB; 2015) – which my money says is the same process as the Pro.

Rooting on 7.2.x – Shield TV Pro Ready

We have a working solution – but we had to leave SuperSU behind to get it – and the TWRP build is still experimental (isn’t it always).

This works for a straight rooting solution; do not attempt to permanently install TWRP with this build. Only use it to boot to TWRP for the purposes of installing Magisk.

You’ll also have to install Magisk Manager manually.

For now, this is only for the Shield TV Pro (500GB) – as I haven’t had the opportunity to test it on the OG 16GB version or the new 2017 edition.

Current Status of 7.2.x and Root

Right now, there is no working TWRP build that works after update 7.2.x. Without TWRP, there is no way to use SuperSU to root the Shield TV.

Due to the open source nature of the operating system, NVidia LEGALLY has to release the source code of the bootloader – which will enable the TWRP developers to modify TWRP to work – and we can return to using SuperSU.

At this time – it is not possible. Rolling back to 7.1 can be tricky – and we’re going to wait until the dust clears to update the tutorials on rolling back.

If you need root right now you have two choices:

  • Roll back to 7.1 and root using our tutorials.
  • Change to using Magisk as an option for gaining root access. This requires a specially patched bootloader and a level of effort that we are not going to undertake here unless we have no choice.

If you want to give Magisk a try – check out this XDA thread.

Once TWRP has been patched to work, we’ll update all the tutorials appropriately and update the rollback to stock tutorials as well.

No Root yet on Update 7.2 – Stay Tuned

TWRP (one of the items required to root Shield Android TV) is not functioning under Update 7.2.

You WILL lose root if you update to 7.2 – and currently we cannot get root restored for you. If root level access is required for your daily driving, do not update.